Kwon Dae Sup

Solo Exhibition

Oct 10 - Nov 11, 2019

press release

First opening exhibition after the transfer, Kwon Dae Sup Exhibition

Park Ryu Sook Gallery is holding Kwon Dae Sup solo exhibition through October 2nd to October 31st. This exhibition is the settlement of path Kwon Dae sup had walked for 40 years in white vessel making. If beauty differs from a different perspective, Korean potter Kwon Dae Sup's(1952-) white vessels live in many potter maniac's hearts.


'Life tied to Earth, Water, and Fire' 

'I endeavor to create work that has nothing to add and nothing to take' as Kwon Dae Sup work can't be completed without the help of mother nature,  Kwon Dae Sup formes a tight yet courteous relationship with fundamental elements such as earth, water, and fire. Through a combination of trained sensitivity and energy of nature, he creates high quality and repetitive works. And when the white vessel that appears to be mediocre in a glance obtain perfect thickness, then we feel the relieving emotion.Creating white vessels in a traditional way that meets Ancestor the demand to contain food and wine is Kwon Dae sup's adventure and mission he has to complete.