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  1. Everyone thinks that the dog is to bones. In fact, the bones can easily block the dog's intestines, make it constipation, causing vomiting and appetite to worse. Especially the chicken bones are urgent, because it is small and crispy, it is easy to plug the esophagus and pierce the bone intestines. When feeding, you must give sufficient water at the same time. Do not use distilled water or boiling water. In short, when regular, quantitative, and fixed -point, the puppy is happy and the family is happy.
    Bathing: Dogs are usually once a week, don't be too frequent. Living environment: It is necessary to ventilate and dry to avoid humidity and form skin diseases.
    This dogs can take a bath two or three times a month in spring and autumn. When the summer is hotter, you can choose once a week. In the cold winter season, you can choose to wash it every half a month or a month. It is worth noting that the number of pet dogs should not bathe too often, and should not be washed once a day or two. Bathing is too frequent, which is not good for pet dog's skin health, which will damage the skin protection barrier of pet dogs.
    Im combing: It is best to comb the dog for a week to prevent knots. In addition, the skin of the dogs can be discovered as soon as possible.
    First of all, you must buy a special comb in pets, choose long tooth comb in long hair, choose short -toothed comb, remove fleas with flea electronic comb, and then combat the dog can also go along the hair or against the hair. You can sort out circles, so pay attention to the strength of your hand, don't hurt the dog. Regularly combing the dog's hair to help the dog's hair grow, remove the floating hair on the body, reduce the hair loss, eliminate the fleas on the body, and it can also be cleaner with the dog's appearance.
    The deworming: regular internal body internal body deworming, especially in summer to do in vitro deworming once a month.
    The parasites in the dog body can feed it for dog repellent medicines for it according to the instructions. If a dog is infected with in vitro parasites, you can use qi fog insecticide or medicine to remove insects. Shavering dog hair helps deworming and prevent secondary infection. If you have no effect at home, take it to the pet hospital for deworming treatment.
    The traction: Going out to avoid lost and accidents.
    Is when you walk with your dog, the dog must be under your control. For the sake of its own safety and politeness to others, you should use a traction band.

  2. The dog came to the shovel officer's house, and it would definitely live for a long time without accident. Therefore, taking care of the dog's living requires the shovel officers to prepare in advance. It is like a dog toilet that can go to the toilet for the dog, and at the same time, it is necessary to teach the dog to find the place accurately when you need to go to the toilet. This requires the shovel officer to train the dog. Of course, when the dog is still very young, it is not enough to learn how to control your urination. Not to mention that you have been trained to the designated place to go to the toilet, which is difficult to do in a short time. At this time, the shovel officer is needed to prepare dog diapers for the dog according to the situation.

    I I believe that many people have a certain understanding that the dog always needs to be taken out every day when the dog is in a certain period of time. The dog prepares the traction tool, and it is also to prevent the dog from running too much outside. This is one aspect to prevent the dog from running away. Finally, it may become a stray dog. On the other hand, it is also to control the behavior of the dog. After all, many people are very scared of the dog. Hurning the dog with a traction tool is also the possibility of reducing the dog's inconvenience in the public place.

  3. 1. Dogs should train from childhood to prevent disturbing people from randomly;
    2, dogs with thick hair should be trimmed regularly;
    3, pay attention to prefer dog food, eat less food, reduce the dog's hair loss;

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