1 thought on “What should I do if the dog's teeth are ground?”

  1. Now the veterinarian does not have the ability to make teeth, and some of them are not even good. it's the only way.nIt should be better after changing teeth.nSome dogs are born to the earth, such as Jingba ~ It can only be like this ~~~ Xiaodi Bao is also very cute, haha, the Beijing -Pakistana was a grounded heaven, I like to take it very much The mouth of the mouth is only exposed to half of the teeth, and it looks special ~ Sometimes I can't get used to the two pieces of flesh on the mouth of the mouth and cover the teeth ~~~~~~ Later, I knew it all knew Just as soon as you say it, it licks his own mouth and covers his teeth, but it is obedient.nFate is so, irreparable!nOnly this can be, my family is also the earth Bao TiannWithout correction, some dogs are born like this.nPID:#210542 answerer:nI went to your homeland. It does not belong to the land Bagtian. There are more places in the ground Bao Tianjingba.nThis is very cute, in fact, there is no need to correct it. Many dogs are like this.nI also found that my dog's teeth are all shaped ... Each one is separated ... I have never seen such teeth .. Just don't affect eating and drinking ... no matter what he is like ~nIt doesn't matter, the ground Bao Tian doesn't delay normal food normallynNo effect, don’t correct it, it's cutenPID:#210636 Answer:nIf you can't correct, wait for the teeth to change your teeth will be betternNo way it is inherited ... Many Beijing -Pakistan or skewers are like this ...nGenetic problems, but it will not affect dogs to eat or normal activities

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