4 thoughts on “Ask everyone, what are the specialty foods of southeast Guizhou Guizhou?”

  1. 1. Carey sour soup fish
    is a special food in Kaili, the Miao and Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou, Guizhou Province. Carey soup fish is mainly sour soup and fish. The sour soup is divided into three types: red acid soup, white acid soup, and oleic acid soup. Fish mostly use local rice carp or catfish. When cooking, it is accompanied by wooden ginger, tomatoes, pepper, pepper, green onions, ginger slices, garlic, five vanilla, fresh tofu and seasonal vegetables. The meat is delicious, hot and sour, and delicious.

    2. Rongjiang roll powder
    is one of the special snacks of Rongjiang County, the Miao and Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou southeast of Guizhou Province. Rongjiang roll powder is made of stuffed fillings such as shiitake mushrooms, bean cottage, radish diced, lean diced, lettuce diced, dried bean diced, peanuts, pepper powder, green onion, coloring oil, refined salt and other stuffed fillings. Essence There are two types of cold eating and hot eating. Hot eating is to steam the wrapped rolls of rolls. Cold food is put into a roll powder cut into the bowl and drizzled with soy sauce, sour vinegar, and tofu. Brine, sprinkle with green onions, ginger, pepper noodles, etc., and eat while mixing.

    3. Cen Gongmi tofu
    is a special snack in Longtian Town, Cen Gong County, Guizhou Southeast Miao and Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province. The method is to soak the rice with lime water and grind it into rice slurry, pour it into the iron pot and cook it with a text fire, and cool it in the porcelain basin. When eating, cut it into long squares and square pieces, and mix with soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, vinegar, green onion, roasted soybeans, folding ear roots and other condiments. It is loved by people due to good taste and mellow taste.

    4. Beef powder

    Thenally, Guizhou people like to eat beef powder. The beef powder is actually rice noodles with a few slices of beef. The shape of the powder is slightly wider, slightly thin, and the taste is soft and unique. The delicious beef powder is that its soup is boiled together for a variety of raw materials. You can add chili, sauerkraut, and crisp whistle according to your personal preference. Personally, you still have delicious sour beans. Come on a bowl.

    5. Glutinous rice

    It Guizhou eats more glutinous rice and eats a lot of food. It is also one of the staple foods of the Miao people. Make noodles such as ravioli, rice dumplings. The glutinous rice is mixed with crushed vegetables, as well as cutting slices of their own marinated bacon, mixed in glutinous rice together. good to eat.

  2. Sour soup fish, beef powder, glutinous rice, boss dog meat, rice tofu, etc. are more precious food, and they are particularly delicious, and they are also very nutritious.

  3. Bulls, sheep, pickled fish, catfish, roasted pigs, sour soup fish, pickled leeks, high fires, the appearance of these foods looks particularly seductive, and the taste of eating is particularly delicious.

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