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  1. It is sad.
    In the dog food for it. Dog food is comprehensive, especially puppy. If you feed dog food, it will be healthy, longevity, and rarely get sick. Don't feed it randomly.
    The dog food made by myself will be broken shortly after the preservation, the nutrition is single, the digestion is not good, and you want your dog's hair color, good mood, and good bones, and feed it dog food. My kitten has eaten sausages, chicken liver, rice, etc. 3 months ago. It is very slow and thin. Later in the summer, I was too lazy to do something for them, so I bought a bag of cat food. It was only less than 2 weeks. It has been doubled, and then I have been fed until now. Everyone saw my cats who praised it to be beautiful, healthy, clean, and clever. It's really healthy. Full, hair is bright and dense.
    The dogs in my family have been eating dog food since childhood, and they are also golden retriever, which is much more spiritual than other people's homes.

    The recommendation, Baolu dog food has the kind of small bags of snacks, you buy it, coax it happily. A bag of less than 10 yuan. Just feed snacks.
    Water to be happy, when he loves to eat, feed it dog food.

    Is to see other answers. I want to add it, why do I recommend feeding dog food to puppies. The puppy was in the development stage before the age of one. At this stage, it was not possible to give him enough nutrients. If you did not make up for it when you were a child, after the dog grows up, even if you add ten times nutrients, it will not grow. Even if it grows, it is not obvious, which is the same as people.
    This when the dogs grow up, the bones and teeth are stable, you can rest assured to feed it other foods, this truth, my 50 -year -old mother understands. My family had raised Husky. I had been feeding dog food before the age of one. Later, I grew up and sent to the rural uncle's house without picky eaters. It was healthy and healthy. This is the good physical foundation. There are others who buy 5000 to buy. Later, I sent friends.
    This walking dogs is necessary. Jiao is used to take it out to slip away and exercise fast, but you must pay attention to hygiene. Do not let it lick and eat it outside, maybe what dirty things are eating. Remember to wash your paws for it.
    Shamone and housekeeping dogs cannot be raised in one way, because Satsuma is a sled dog, and the housekeeper is a housekeeping dog. You put the housekeeping dog outside and saw that it would bite when the raw person was.
    The ham sausage and pastry, this is not a good thing, the same is the same for people and dogs. If you have no nutrition and illness, my cat has a characteristic. I never eat more additives. Feed it with too much starch and flavors. It smells it. It does not refuse things, so the incense may not be good. For the dogs, calcium supplementation should be appropriately supplemented. When my golden retriever was a child, my legs were a little bent, and then calcium supplementation was just fine.

    The landlord, I said so much, just thinking about your dog, since you raise it, you have to pay responsibility to make it healthy and happy. I do n’t care about your points, and I do n’t care if it takes it, let alone you do n’t give me a point. I just hope that you love your dog, especially in the most critical period it develops. Hope to consider my suggestion.

    In the small information for you to raise dogs h./cong8702/blog/item/

  2. A friend of me gave me a Jingba, and I started to do n’t even eat a slightly fatter meat. I do n’t eat steamed buns. Later, because the building did not allow dogs to raise dogs, it was located in the house with a yard on the first floor, threw a few steamed buns, and went back to see it after three days. At the grandfather in the countryside, Grandpa's house was poor, but he could not imagine that he couldn't eat well, but it seemed that it was particularly happy and learned a lot of skills, such as helping Grandpa to catch pigs, chicken, learning to dance, rolling, and more happy people. I still see the land. My hometown dogs are raised. I ca n’t find it. Grandpa said it might be looking at the ground. I followed and found that I was looking at the ground. I do n’t know which one is my grandfather's land, but it is very clear, and it can eat and sleep. It is really fat and fleshy. Later, some people spent 300 to buy. Grandpa thought it was my dog. Sold it, and later heard that when I went out to see the ground, I was taken away by others. It is a pity. I found that the dogs are not too accustomed to it, it is best to put it out to play more

  3. If you want a dog to grow fast, you need to eat sufficient breast milk when you are a kid, which is a necessary basis for it. After the dog is weaned, it is necessary to form feeding habits that are mainly dog ​​food and a variety of supplementary foods. They cannot eat a lot of food because they simply want to let the dogs gain weight quickly, so as not to be counterproductive or even harming the dog's health.
    1. Breast milk is sufficient
    . Although the types of dog food on the market are complicated and the nutritional perfect ratio is not a minority, the important position of breast milk to the growth of dogs cannot be replaced by dog ​​food. When the dog is young, you must let the dog eat enough breast milk to lay a solid foundation for the dog's strong growth.
    2. Main and deputy mix
    . After the dog grows to a certain period of time, professional dog food is undoubtedly the best choice for dog staple foods. However, with some necessary supplementary foods, dogs can grow better and faster. Cooked lean meat, egg yolk, and vegetables can provide dogs with rich nutrients for growth.
    3. Avoid a single
    The owners will grow up quickly for dogs, so that dogs eat high protein foods such as lean meat for a long time. As everyone knows, such a single food ratio will instead because the dog lacks other necessary nutrients, which increases the dog's body burden, which is not conducive to the growth of the dog.

  4. Sometimes the more expensive it is, the more you pick it, and take it more exercise! Don't take it as a pet that can be played with, take it more exercise! Respect it! Intersection

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