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  1. It is best to eat porridge in less than 3 months, 3 meals a day, but do not have too much at a time. You can use a small bowl of people and half a bowl. You can put some minced meat or broth
    2, or you will be young The dog's dog food is soaked in hot water, and mud to eat it for it. Of course, you can also add a little porridge in it. Such a diet will help digestion
    3. There are nothing too much requirements. One day 1 to 2 meals, the amount of meals can be increased appropriately. You can eat dog food directly (should be placed next to water, and it will be thirsty after eating)
    4, or cook it by yourself, but you need Remember that the dog's demand for salt is 1/5 of people (but not seasoning such as MSG, nor can it be too greasy, and eat less fried and barbecue. These are not good for dogs. Pay attention to it. Site match, sometimes you can eat a little fruit), but you need to prepare water every day

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, how old the puppy is, what kind of varietynHello, I recommend some food here herenThe first is breast milk. If you want to make the dog grow faster, the owner gives it enough food every day and enhances nutrition from all aspects. And when it is very young, it is best to let it drink breast milk. After all, this can effectively enhance its physiquenThe second is dedicated dog food, high -quality dog ​​food is good for dogs to grownUsually you can add some high protein such as chicken and egg yolkn3 morenBleak

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