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  1. Shunxu 1: There are part of the ear protection of the hat

    at the end of 12 stitches at the end, 2 below 2, 4, 2, 2, 2, and weaving. After weaving 6 to 8 lines , Toward the twisted flowers at the needle.

    The measures 2: Plus needles of the ear protective

    After twisting is twisted, weave the back, and add 1 needle with the 4 needles of twist as the focus. On the side of the weaving, two needles are added, and the knitted needle is twisted, so there is no needle hole. In the same method, add needles 9 times, a total of 18 stitches. After stopping the front, 30 stitches on the stick needle.

    method of method three: part of the other side of the ear protection.

    repeated 1,2 steps, and there are parts of the ears on the other side.

    The measures 4: neighboring two ear protection

    In the first ear protection of 30 stitches and 20 stitches, (this is the front of the hat, the forehead part). Two ears are a small piece, plus 10 stitches, (this is the back of the hat) connects the first ear protection a small piece, 1 down 1, woven. (Add a few stitches, set the size of the head circumference, but the front needle is more than the back), and 90 stitches.

    Measures 5: Weaving Model Single

    1 Lower the woven 8 rows, 6 twisted twist. Divide 90 stitches 9 copies, 10 stitches each, 4 times, weaving 5 rows. Line 6, twisted twisted at 6 stitches. Weaving 7 rows, twisted twisted at the 8th needle 6 needle. Weaving 5 lines. 7 hats are cut off, and 90 stitches are reduced to 9 stitches. Nine parts of hemp, 10 stitches each, take 1 copy as an example. Round 1 4 to 4 times. Line 2, 8 times, 9,10 stitches are combined into 1. Line 3, 9.

    rows 4, 7, 8,9 stitches into 1. Line 5, 8 times. ..., 1st. The other 8 copies of the same method, the last 9 stitches left, tightened with the thread.

    Step 6: Make a small velvet ball decoration on the top of the hat.

    Manan seven: tie lines on the ear protective, make a small braid, and a exaggerated ear -lover hat is completed.

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