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  1. 1. Labrado dog

    Personality: gentle, clever, good at thinking, bold and careful


    This is recommended to raise Labrador dogs. The owner must control the amount of feeding to avoid developing a fat body. This is not good for Labrador's body.

    2. Bichon dog

    Personality: lively, cheerful, loyal, sticky
    n advantages: do not like to be barking, light, light, drop off Shao, less food, very smart, good obedience

    is particularly greedy than Bear dogs, so it is easy to pick eaters. This is also caused by the owner. It is recommended to raise a bear dog. Fay less things other than dog food, fruits and vegetables can be fed. rn rn 3、萨摩耶犬rn rn 性格:温顺友善、忠诚、精力旺盛、调皮捣蛋rn rn 优点:颜值高、非常善良、 Good memory, not picky eaters, good for children

    The feeding Samoyed needs to pay attention to diet. It is recommended not to give it too salty. It is best to choose some light and low salt in dog food to relieve tears.

    4. Corgi Dog

    Personality: lively, friendly, enthusiastic

    advantages: good -looking, smart, bold, happy source n
    This's legs are very short. The owner should not let it climb the stairs often.

    5. French bullfighting dog

    Personality: friendly, cheerful, clever

    advantages: quiet, simple care, friendly, less exercise amount

    The people who have raised French cattle know that it is a very expensive dog species, and it is very sticky and cute.

    6. Golden Retriever

    Personality: docile and friendly, loyalty, lively

    advantages: smart, sensible, high value, non -picky eaters, right, right Passion

    The golden retriever dogs have a lot of hair. The owner can comb it more hair, and the light diet can effectively relieve the hair loss.

    7. York dogs

    Personality: Youyou, brave, sticky, clever Good, clever, small food amount

    Thebuya dogs must pay more attention to diet. Do not give it too much people to avoid rough hair and no gloss. Good -looking.

    8. Shiba Inu

    Personality: Independent, sticky, stubborn and stubborn

    advantages: courage, loyalty to the Lord, emoticon package, not I love it too much, love clean

    Heato is a particularly stubborn pet dog. It is particularly easy to bring Shiba Inu to go out, but it is really difficult to bring Shiba Inu home. It is recommended that the owner can bring some delicious dog snacks. Chicken jerky goes out, so that it can cheat it home.

    9. Teddy dog ​​

    Personality: docile, lively, more sticky

    advantages: cute and charming, small taste, less eating, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, less, and less, Smart, less hair loss

    The hair of the teddy dog ​​is easy to fade. It is recommended that the owner should choose some dog food with low salt content, and choose dog food, try to choose some beautiful hair components Dog food helps Teddy dog ​​hair to restore natural color, increase pigment precipitation, and promote the growth of hair volume. Usually, the owner also needs to bring the teddy dog ​​to the sun!

    10. Bagu

    Personality: cheerful, kind -hearted, gentle, lively
    n advantage: small body, cute and cute, cute and cute, cute and cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute Loyalty, very gentle, not picky food

    Theba pupin must pay attention to face care, because the Bagu dog's face has a lot of wrinkles. Causes a lot of problems.

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