1 thought on “Is there any place to take a dog to play?”

  1. Self -driving tour. You can travel with dogs, but some attractions are not allowed to enter the scenic area, and some attractions can enter the scenic area.
    1. Dogs mostly like places with green spaces. They like to be close to nature and can take him to places such as nearby forest parks, or places with large lawns.
    2, the best place is green. Farmers and the like.
    3, the surrounding park, and if there is a driver's license, you can rent a car to bring your dog to the outing on weekend. There are still many ways to choose.
    4. You must follow the dog's body shape and living habits. If you are a large -scale running dog, I am particularly willing to take it to the grassland or on the mountain to play. There is usually a chance. We take it to play on the field dam. Small dogs are really good to play in the park.

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