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  1. Lead the dog to sew it to the veterinary hospital, suture and take anti -inflammatory drugs and cure diarrhea medicine.
    In early prolapse, you can choose conservative treatment. You can use drugs, such as complement Zhongyiqi Pill orally, Tai Ning's or Ma Yinglong hemorrhoids and anal plugs. These must be used in strict accordance with the instructions. In addition, you can use traditional Chinese medicine to boil soup, steam, sit in bath, such as peppercorns, wormwood, dandelion, purple flower diced, copto flower, locust flower and other boiling water boiled soup. When there is a lot of hot air, use hot air fumigation. The anus, ten to fifteen minutes each time, once or twice a day.
    The dog prolapse refers to a part or most of the rectum, which is mostly out of the anus. For example, when the tissue is only the mucous membrane at the rectal end, it is called prolapse. For example, the tissue of the departure is the full -layer intestinal wall of the rectal section, which is just called the rectal offsee. The cause of the onset is mostly disorders.

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