1 thought on “What to do if the dog is bitten”

  1. It depends on the dog's wound.
    If you just bite slightly, first of all, clean the hair near the dog wound, clean the dog's wound with physiological saline, disinfect it with iodine or apply some antibacterial drugs to prevent infection from infection. Essence If the injury is large, a large area of ​​empty cavity has occurred, and a large amount of bleeding. When the dogs have weakness, shortness of breath, and shock, you must first press the gauze to stop the bleeding, and then take it to the hospital for treatment. Ligation and suture treatment. If the dog has not had a rabies vaccine before, the owner should take the dog to the animal hospital to vaccinate the rabies vaccine to avoid the bite dog infected with rabies virus. The dog licks the wound.
    If the dogs must be put on the Elizabeth circle. When taking care at home, you need to close the dog in a cage to avoid the dog's wounds from dipping water.

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