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  1. Those who know the VIP dogs will know that the poodles we buy back are usually cut through the tail. When will the general poodles break the tail? Why do poodles break the tail?
    When will the poodles break the tail
    3-7 days after birth.
    If to cut the tail of the VIP dog, it is generally recommended to be carried out 3-7 days after birth. The poodle within 3 days is too soft. At this time The dog will have pain. At that time, it was cruel to break the tail, and the VIP dogs would be very painful.

    Why do you want to break the tail
    On avoid fine tail bone and break the danger of life that can be caused by small varieties like a small Vaplet, usually the tail is not short because of its small, they, they, they The tail bone is thinner than the chopsticks. If the tail is too long, when they are playing, their excitement shaking can easily cause trauma and even cause life.
    For the sake of beauty, cutting tails for VIP dogs is for the need for beauty to play, making its entire proportion more in line with human aesthetics.
    It prevent clip injury. If the poodle does not break the tail, the tail of the tail grows is too long, the activity is not convenient, and it cannot be erected. It is usually hanging down underground and often causes damage. Cut or scrape and wait.
    This to cultivate their brave and fierce personality about cutting tails for poodles, and there is also a saying that small dogs with smaller figures will clamp the tail unconsciously when they see more dogs. For the body language of "yielding", the dog with a larger body shape is extremely easy to launch an attack when they see them clamp the tail. After being cut off, it is also conducive to cultivating their brave and fierce character.
    For the sake of cleanliness, the reason why the tail is cut to the poodle is to clean, prevent the stains from hiding the dirt under the tail and the tail, and the smell is too large.

    The poodle cut tail is cut long
    The poodle breaks, generally retain 2-3 tailbone.
    The length of retaining the tail when the tail of the poodle is broken is different from the dog. Generally, the 2-3 bone section (that is, about 2-3cm) is sufficient. The effect of no disconnection.

    This of the Tail of the poodle
    Method 1: Use the valve core time: within 4 days after birth.
    1. Use the valve core to cut a small section.
    2. Find the oil pen shell and put the thick end of the oil pen shell on the tail of the puppy.
    3. Then put the valve core on the side of the oil pen shell, then pull it to the thick side, and finally put it on the tail of the puppy.
    The tail will be broken naturally after 4, 3-4 days.
    Method two: Use rubber band time: within a week after birth.
    1. Where you want to break the dog's tail, use a rope or rubber band like a little girl to tie the braid.
    2. It is about 1-3 months. You are looking at the relaxation of the dog's tail, and you feel it when you touch it.
    . At that time, you were a discount lightly, the tail was broken, and the dog would not feel pain.
    It is to wrap the rubber band tightly. The tighter the better, it will fall off after a week, and disinfect it with iodine.
    Method three: If the dog has been in a few months, the surgery is needed to break the tail. At this time, you need to go to a regular pet hospital for this operation. This kind of broken tail method is more painful. Essence

    How much money to cut the tail
    300-500 yuan.
    Generally speaking, if it is operated by yourself, there is no cost, but if you take a VIP dog to a professional pet hospital for surgery, it may take 300-500 yuan.

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