1 thought on “What is the best choice for office workers to keep up with?”

  1. 1. French bullfighting dog. French bullfighting dogs are small and do not like barking. They can adapt to the relatively dense apartments. For office workers, they do not need to spend more time to accompany them to exercise, nor do they have to worry about the dogs disturbing others for rest because of barking barking. , But in order to make the dog have a healthy body, in addition to feeding light dog food, the owner is best to take a dog for a walk every day. For those who like dogs and those who like Fa Dou, why not raise one?

    2. Sherry. Sherry is known as the "apartment dog" and is very suitable for urban office workers. The biggest feature of them is that they do not lose hair and have a small taste. If you raise a Sherry, you do n’t have to clean the dogs at home every day. The hair underneath does not have to bear the taste of the dog. It is often lazy to raise only Sherry, but its beard is more difficult to take care of it. The owner is best combed it for it every day to feed the dog food with deep sea fish oil every day. It is more convenient and simple to reason. Snow, do you do not raise one?

    3. Corgi dog. Corgi dogs have always been pets of the British royal family. It has strong adaptability! Its butt has always been a hot spot for people, and its ass is simply large. The key is that its bouncing power is also quite "amazing". Although people's legs are short, it will "fly", and the Corki dog's personality is relatively independent. It can also play at home. In addition to the severe hair loss, it is better to take care and breeding. If you want to relieve the dog's hair loss, feed the low -salt and light dog food daily, help the dog comb the hair every day, and do daily care. I believe that the problem of hair loss will improve. If you raise Corgi in office workers, you can often bring you laughter everyday.

    4. Chihuahua. Office workers, work during the day and go home at night, but if you want a small size, Chihuahua is a good choice. They can accept staying at home alone during the day, and the owner is more assured. But Chihuahua loves barking very much. It is best to train well. When training, when the dog performs well, a small piece of snacks are rewarded, such as chicken dried, sheep cheese, etc. Barking will be more worry -free. Why not consider breeding a Chihuahua?

    5. Sali dog. It belongs to a low -energy dog ​​species. Occasionally, it is also possible to go out to walk the dog. With its rare appearance and unique personality, it has become a fashionable partner dog in the world. But the sand dog is not hot. Remember to cool down the dog in the summer.

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