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  1. First of all, in dogs that have not been vaccinated or have not yet been vaccinated, we must first consider some common infectious diseases, which will cause some dogs to dilute and blood in the stool.
    It is the parasitic infection of some gastrointestinal tract, which can also cause some blood and dilute the dog's blood. The infection of the gastrointestinal fungus of the dog can also cause some blood and dilute.
    It is the dog who should not eat, these causes some damage, inflammation, and bleeding of the gastrointestinal mucosa. Finally, the digestive tract collapse caused by some internal medicine diseases. For example, some poisoning, I ate onions, narcissus or heat stroke.
    If the dog's spirit and good appetite, you can give it some gastrointestinal supplements at home, such as some probiotics, these drugs that regulate gastrointestinals to condition. If the conditioning is not good for a day or two, it will be sent to the pet hospital as soon as possible.

  2. First, indigestion.
    puppies, especially puppies under three months. The stomach is still fragile. If it is feeding dry foods, greasy meat and other foods, it can easily cause indigestion and cause dilutes. There is a phenomenon of blood stool.
    If this, it is recommended that you love pets. Do not feed hard foods for less than three months. Food can be fed for small rice porridge. Dog food needs to be soft and feeds. Digestiveness can first take some Wang Xiangye probiotics to regulate the stomach and relieve the symptoms of dilute dilution, and observe.
    second, enteritis.
    This Dogs due to irregular diet, overeating, indigestible foods, irritating foods that are spoiled and corrupt, and use antibiotics for excessive use, which can easily cause dogs to suffer from enteritis. Its symptoms are dilute, vomiting, stinky bubbles, decreased appetite, and severe blood.
    For diseases such as enteritis, the best way is to take a pet hospital for examination first. If you diagnose enteritis, you need to cancel the needle for treatment. In the later period
    third, parasites in the body.
    It for three months, the dog needs to be deworming in the body. If you do not have time to do insect deworming in the body, you may be parasitic in your belly, causing the dog to be soft and rare, and even insects, etc. Happening. This requires a dog to feed insect repellent for deworming. It is recommended that every six months of the dog deworming in the body to avoid such symptoms again. It should be noted that two hours after deworming is best to take some probiotics for dogs to relieve the stimulation of gastrointestinal stomach.
    Fourth, small diseases.
    one of the causes of dogs with dilute stool is small. This type of disease is very large to the dog's threat to dogs. , Fever, etc. For this situation, you can only send dogs to professional pet hospitals as soon as possible for treatment.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you. It is actually a more common phenomenon that dogs to pull blood. This is because the phenomenon of blood starting to bring blood after long diarrhea. The reason is simple, because the long -term diarrhea causes gastric mucosa and intestinal mucosa to be damaged, which is not a very big disease. 2. If the dog's stool is brought out of the blood on the red, it may be caused by the dog's anus trauma or hemorrhoids. Parents are advised to observe more dogs for a day. If there is no continuous bleeding and blood, no drug treatment is required. If this is always the case, you must seek medical examination. 3. In addition to bringing blood, the dog also has vomiting, poor mental, loss of appetite, or observing at home for a day or two, without any improvement, but if the condition is not very good, you can bring a dog with a dog. Going to the hospital for X -rays may be caused by foreign bodies scratching the stomach. 4. If the foreign body has been excreted and the intestine does not have any obstructions. Parents only need to give the dog a little anti -inflammatory drug, choose amoxicillin, and the dog can recover health after a few days.nParasitic insects in the body are also easy to cause dogs, with blood in the stool, and symptoms of diluted dilute. At this time, the dog's mental state is not very affected, but the body is relatively thin. At this time You can do insect deworming for dogs, and adjust the dog's stomach until the dog is fully recovered.

  4. The measures taken by dogs are urgently taken
    1. In addition to observing feces, you should also pay attention to observing other situations of the dog, whether the temperature is high, and see if the dog is accompanied by strong vomiting, is vomit or not? There is blood color and so on. If the dog problem is serious, you need to seek medical treatment immediately.
    The following measures are taken:
    1.24 hours, no solid foods must be eaten.
    2. After stopping eating for 24 hours, first feed the lighter food, such as: a small amount of chicken porridge, oatmeal, rice or bread. Unless there is vomiting, drinking water should be provided as usual.
    3. After two to three days of light food therapy and observation, if the stool responds to normal, the normal diet can be restored.
    The dog vomiting takes the following measures:
    1.24 hours, you must not eat any solid food.
    2. After the fasting course, resume drinking water.
    3. After recovering for six to 12 hours of drinking water, if there is no vomiting, the following food therapy can be provided, such as: a small amount of chicken, thin porridge, oatmeal rice or bread.
    4. Maintain light food treatment for two to three days. Vomiting can no longer recover the normal diet.

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