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  1. Rescue stray dogs are divided into two ways. The first is to build nests for dogs outdoors and eat. There is almost no attention in this way. Let's talk about the second way in detail below. Essence But before you prepare for adoption, you must first think about it. If the dog is sick, the medical expenses treated with dogs with the economic conditions, if you live with your family, can your family tolerate its existence. Only with a responsible attitude to help stray dogs are good for dogs.
    . Take the pet hospital for examination
    In the rubber gloves, boxes or cages to avoid direct contact with stray dogs infecting the disease. Then take the pet hospital for basic examination, and check whether there are infectious diseases. Generally, there are more or less skin diseases, and they should cure skin diseases with doctors.
    . Vaccination

    If in less than 2 months of puppy, wait for a week before taking it to the hospital for vaccine. After two weeks of vaccine, you can take a bath. Don't take a bath because of dirty self -made claims, don't save trouble or save money without vaccination. When you are really serious, you will be stupid.
    . Daily care of the family or waiting for adoption

    looking at your ability, you can see it as a fate, take care of it carefully, or send a news for adoption and wait for someone to adopt. You can also send a stray animal rescue station. In short, there are many methods. If you really love these animals, there will always be a way to save.

  2. Send the dog directly to the pet hospital and let them cure the dog. After the dog's injury, you can send the stray dog ​​directly to the stray animal shelter, and they will treat the dog well. If you have a better heart and want to adopt this dog directly, then you can solve it in a pet hospital at one time, shave out its old hair first. This step is generally done when treating the dog's wound. Part of it is to prevent the dirty soil and bacteria fall into the dog's wound, which worsens the dog's wound and inflammation and pus.
    of course, if your money is only enough to pay for the treatment of dogs, you can also go home to do it yourself.
    It, but the stage of treating dogs must still be allowed to do it in pet hospitals, because you are a raw hand, you don’t know how to treat dogs, and you do not treat the equipment needed for dogs needed. And medicine. Don't be stingy, since you hug the dogs, then don't let go easily. After all, this is your kindness, and you can do one good day, such as Lin Tianfu. I support you and bless you.
    In the hair of the dog's whole body, and then carefully wash the dog. Do not use bath milk, because the acid -alkali balance of the human body is different from the dog. Dog skin.
    of course, the so -called damage is also mild. If you really have no money to buy professional dogs, in fact, people's bath milk is enough. Wash the dog, let the bug fleas on it are washed and killed by bathing milk! Then go to buy insecticide, put it in the ham sausage or milde, and then take him to the vaccine. Finally, put on warm clothes for the dog. After all, there is no hair, and the dog will feel cold in winter. If it is midsummer, the sun will also sunburn their skin. Dog's hair is not just for heating.

  3. The injured stray dogs have only seen on TV and news headlines, but I have seen the injured stray cat. I think they should be the same. Strange people and the environment must be restless, so be careful whether the dog's heart or physical injury.
    The general stray dogs are abandoned by the owner. If it is only abandoned for the dog, it may still be acceptable and will not be particularly stimulated, but if it is often violent before being abandoned, the dog The grievances of human beings are not ordinary. If you change it to accept everything that dogs encounter in the news headline, it may not be able to collapse, and the dog is still living strong.
    The dog psychology after being abandoned for various reasons will be a bit distorted, just as people are abandoned by their families, they will have a big problem in psychological. thing. Such a dog is full of alertness to humans. If you accidentally move, it will easily cause his attack on you.
    What you can do is to gain its trust first, and you must approach it slowly, and try to perform very gentle. You can rest assured that for the kind of dogs that are deeply injured, give it to eat it It is useless, and it must be good for dogs. If it is to harm it, it is close to it, it is simply a person!
    In general, if the dog cannot be injured by itself, it is okay to deal with it. If it can run, it will take time to precipitate. It should be careful of its bite when it is close to it.

  4. You can take it to a special pet hospital, go to the vaccine, and treat it to treat it, but I think it is a difficult thing to bring it to the pet hospital. Rabies, or whether there are some viruses on him, will you bite you if you catch it? I think you can actually feed it a few times first, let it be familiar with you slowly, you can touch it, hug her, It should not resist, or to hurt you.
    In after taking him to a special pet hospital, I believe she will get very good treatment there. In fact, there are many stray dogs in the society. Of course Some may be to fight for food, so the injuries left by fighting, but they are wandering out, and sometimes there may be no way to take care of the injuries on them, but those wounds may be inflamed and even ask them for their lives.
    The people like you in the society are particularly loving, but there are many people without love, so each of us can do our best. The cats can live very happy, and I hope you can save this dog from suffering early.

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