5 thoughts on “What pet dogs do you have in the countryside?”

  1. You should choose suitable pet dogs according to the actual situation. For example, for the first time to raise pet dogs, of course, you should choose some dogs with docile, cheerfulness, low requirements for environmental life, and strong vitality. In addition, if you live in urban communities, the entire living environment is dense, then this situation is more suitable for small dogs, not suitable for dogs with larger body shapes.
    Secondly, you must first understand the dog's personality and living habits before breeding pet dogs. Generally speaking, as a pet dog raised as a family, those dogs with a docile character are obviously more suitable. And those who are born with a fierce personality and a strong bite ability and a strong dog are obviously not suitable for family pets.
    In general, there are also many pet dogs suitable for home support. For example, Pomeranian, Sherry, Varina, Yorkshire, Butterfly Dog, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Xisheti, Scottish Sheep Dog , Shi Shi Dog, Corgi Dog, Butterfly Dog, Sausal Dog, etc. In addition, if you are a senior dog raised person, and other conditions (economic ability, living environment, etc., related knowledge of dogs) are also satisfied, such as German Mu, Husky, Samoyed, etc. These dogs can also Become a pet dog.
    It worth noting is that as family pet dogs, those fierce dogs and fierce dogs are not suitable for home support. For example, Tibetan mastiffs, Bit dogs, Tosa Dou dogs, Argentine Dugao, Brazilian mastiff dogs, Casro, Newpolyon, Ghanana, etc. These fierce dogs are not suitable for home support.

  2. The first choice of German shepherds, followed by Golden Retriever, the big dumplings are also a good choice! It is best to raise such feelings from childhood to clean up the intestines when 3-4 months. If you do n’t get it well, you will die. At that time, do n’t eat greasy big foods. In the past, the dog should be as good as possible. , The climate of long body, after a year of feeding, no matter how good it is, it will not return to rise.

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