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  1. Taking Nanjing as an example, you can't take a pet dog in a long -distance car, so you cannot consign.
    The "Regulations on the Management of Public Passenger Transport in Nanjing" stipulates:
    It Article 38 shall abide by the following provisions:
    (1) abide by the order of ride, in an orderly manner in the site area orderly Take a car;
    (2) You must hinder driving;
    (3) Do not engage in marketing activities and distribute publicity materials;
    (4) Do not be begging or artistic;
    (5) Do not allow it Carrying with flammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous goods or items that are vulnerable to pollution and damage others;
    (6) Do not smoke, spit, and throw garbage at will;
    (7) Do not carry dogs or cats. Waiting for animals.
    Extension information
    The precautions for passengers to take long -distance cars:
    1. Passengers should hold valid tickets, and take the tickets specified by the ticket surface, the date of drive, the driving time, and the ticket gate check.
    2. Passengers must not bring or clamp it with dangerous items, embargo, and over -limited items.
    3. Anyone who has one of the following circumstances is not allowed to take a car:
    (1) Those who do not follow the rules of the car and do not listen to the advice; The escort may still endanger other passenger safety;
    (3) patients with malignant infectious diseases and alcoholics;
    (4) Other situations that endanger public safety.
    4. The following situations that occur during the transportation of passenger are responsible for the passenger:
    (1) Passengers have no tickets, invalid tickets or tickets that do not meet the prescribed tickets.
    (2) Concealing drunk and malignant infectious diseases to pollute, endangering other passengers.
    (3) Clamping dangerous goods or other governments embargoing items enter, get on, and consignment.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Nanjing Public Passenger Transport Management Regulations

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