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  1. It should be noted that many breeders do not know much about pet vaccines. For example, how many vaccines do dogs have to take? What vaccine do dogs do? What are the precautions before and after the vaccine? Let's talk about the dog vaccines in detail below.

    What vaccine do dogs do?
    1. Rabies vaccine: Preventing rabies is the most important legal infectious disease vaccine.
    2. Hybrid vaccine: Prevent various types of infectious diseases
    , such as:
    This dual vaccine: prevent canine plague, small virus of dogs
    dog fourth vaccine: prevent canine plague, prevent canine plague, Dogs of small viruses, dogs infectious hepatitis, auxiliary influenza, and canine adenovirus type.
    Illar hexagonal vaccine: prevention of canine plague, small virus of dogs, infectious hepatitis in dogs, piral influenza, canine adenal virus type 2, canine spiral disease.
    This octopus vaccine: prevention of canine plague, small viruses of dogs, infectious hepatitis in dogs, anemination of dogs, canine adenovirus type, canine spiral disease, canine coronary virus. _

    Which one is better to fight?
    Severament vaccine refers to preventing several infectious diseases, not to say that a few joints need to take a few stitches. There is no certain answer to which vaccine to choose! Dogs are most often vaccinated with four -united vaccine, which can basically ensure that dogs are free of the most common infection. As for the six united and eight courses, it depends on the dog's physical condition, living environment, and personal choices of breeders.

    How many vaccines do dogs get?
    The normal immune program is to start vaccination during 45 days of puppy, six or four units, one needle every twenty -one days, three stitches, and hitting them in three months. Rabies vaccine, this is the first immunization. In the future, the immunity should be strengthened every year. The vaccine and rabies must be used for time. The time is one month earlier than the previous year.
    but the vaccine injection scheme of different brands is also different, so when choosing a vaccine injection plan for the dog, as much as possible from the dog's own condition, consult the pet doctor's suggestion, choose the most suitable solution for dogs That's the truth.

    Under what circumstances cannot inject the vaccine?
    1. The new dog at home: You need to take it to the vaccine after the dog adapts to the environment of the house.
    2. Pregnant dog: It will affect the health of the fetus.
    3. Long -term malnutrition dogs: easily lead to insufficient antibodies and failure.
    4. Dogs who are already sick or taking medicine: You need to wait for the first healing before vaccination.

    What should I pay attention to after vaccination?
    1. Do not leave immediately after vaccination. You should observe about half an hour first to ensure that the dog has no other allergic reaction before going home.
    2. Do not take a bath within seven days to ensure the complete immune system.
    3. Don't stay more and contact other dogs.
    4. Some dogs may have decreased appetite after the vaccine is injected. The owner can also add some snacks to provoke the dog's appetite.

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