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  1. It is indeed a necessary thing for dogs to bran the nails, but many owners will ignore this problem. Some owners dare not repair their dog branches of nails. One is because the dogs do not cooperate, and the other is because they are afraid of cutting bleeding. Therefore, if you have no ability to help the dog sell it yourself, it is recommended to send it to the beauty salon for professionals to operate. Related tools for cutting nails to cut the nails must first determine the length of cutting off the nails. Before cutting the nails, pay attention to observe the blood line in the nails in seconds, which is the dark red part of the keratin of the nails. Essence Do not touch the blood line when we lower the scissors, otherwise it will be prone to bleeding.
    For professional beauticians, shearing bleeding is common. They have medicine powder to sell similar problems. For the owner themselves, if there are no tools such as hemostatic powder, they should be careful when cutting armor shearing. it is good. Try less at a time, and then gradually reduce it. The scissors can think of the right length, but do not cut it if you cut it. So as not to grow longer and longer with the growth of the nails.
    It, the dog's nails are very hard. After determining the position to be cut, the last minute of the cut is decisive, because the dog usually retracts the claws when you find that you want to move its nails. Once cut It is a dangerous thing to retract subcontrained when A, and the dog may not cooperate so much after shrinking his feet.
    Inize the position, cut the armor decisive.
    In a person to grab the dog's paws with one hand, hold the scissors on the other hand on the nails, and go in seconds. It's over. Do not cut the scissors with its nails when the dog shrinks, it must be a very uncomfortable thing.
    gras out the root of the dog's paw with your hands. If it is a long hair dog, you should put the long hair in front of the toes and let the nails fully expose. Use pets -specific nail cutting knife, vertically on nail branches. The blade should be sharp, and you cannot drag water when cutting.
    don't cut too much at a time, you can cut it hard. In order to prevent too much cutting at one time, especially when the blood line is cut, it will bleed, and the dog will be afraid of cutting nails in the future. After cutting, the length of the nails is about the length. If your dog is very patient, you can also use your nails to give it a good place for a second nail. There is also a wolf claw near the dog's feet, and this nails also need to be branched. Some dogs may be cut off the wolf claws when they were young. The principle and method of wolf claw pruning are similar to other nails. Sometimes it is particularly long and can be cut a little bit more.
    For medium and large dogs, the frequency of cutting armor can not be too frequent, because when the dog is going out, the nails can have a certain effect of repairing the nails with the friction of the nails. But for small dogs, it is necessary to pay attention to the frequency of branches. It is best not to exceed two weeks. Once the nails are too long, a certain obstacle to the dog's walking will cause a long time. Transformed.

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