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  1. Dogs are the best friends of our human beings. They are docile, clever, and loyal. Some are also very practical and can be used as working dogs to assist human activities. In order to get along with the family better, now there are generally a dog with a docile character at home. Do you know what docile dogs in the world?
    The top ten docile dog species in the world:

    ⒈ Return the dog. It also has a name -Golden Mao hunting dog. It is a popular dog species. Because it is easy to raise and is very patient, it is a very common pet dog in the family now. The uniqueness of the Golden Retriever is its flattering temperament. Passionate, confident, and not afraid of life. Very patient, very friendly to children.

    ⒉ Labrador. Labrador is a large dog. Together with the Golden Rather Hound and Siberia Husky, it is listed as three non -aggressive dogs. Labu is loyal to the owner, treats people friendly, simple, gentle, generous, lively and cheerful.

    ⒊ Siberian sled dog. Alias ​​Husky -commonly known as Erha. It is a relatively primitive medium -sized dog. Husky's temperament is different, some are changing, some timid, and some are irritable. But now the Husky who entered the house is even more docile.

    ⒋ Samoya. Before one year old, it was naughty and lively. It has the temperament of an opportunity, a strong body, a beautiful appearance, an elegant temperament, a charming and cute appearance.

    ⒌ Set up the shepherd in the orchid islands. The origin of this dog is Scottish. Its advantages are: good physical strength, cold resistance, loyalty and reliable, high intelligence, and good vision. Strong ability and wide range of use. It is a very popular dog species in Japan.

    ⒍ Border shepherd. Origin is the border area of ​​Scotland. Has strong shepherd ability. Good at observing words -can quickly and accurately understand the owner's meaning. Its advantages are strong learning ability, strong understanding, easy training, loyalty and gentleness, and good obedience.

    7. Also known as "poodle". It has three sizes: standards, toys and mini. Its temperament is unique, the appearance is very large, beautiful, and smart.

    ⒏ butterfly dogs. Also known as Butterfly Ear Dog, Babylonian. Positive, bold, docile, and enthusiastic. It has a strong monopoly on the owner. The petite and exquisite figure is favored by many stars.

    ⒐ Ancient British shepherd. It is an ancient dog breed in the British shepherd. It is witty. Symphony, robust and attractive. There are thick body hair, but it is not exaggerated.

    ⒑ French bullfighting dog. This dog originated in France. It is a medium -sized dog. French bullfighting dogs are lively, alert and muscle. Honesty, kindness, loyalty, persistence and courage. Very friendly to children. I am very curious about new things.

  2. Golden Retriever, Chihuahua, Putch, Alaska, Husky, Samoyed, Corgi, Labrador, Teddy, German Shepherd. I like Corgi the most

  3. I do n’t know much, but I know that the more docile puppy is Shiba Inu and Golden Retriever. They are particularly obedient and border herd.

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