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    What is the meaning of dogs for us? We spend money to buy pets, provide them with various expenses for eating, wearing and traveling, and pouring so much money and emotions, but what can we get? Some people say it is not worth it, but some people say that they have to raise a dog anyway. More and more people want to have a pet dog! Does it have other meanings besides companionship?

    This can bring yourself a sense of security
    Net to raise a dog, you can give the greatest sense of security, especially for girls. Whether it is a large dog or a small dog, there will be a sense of security in my heart. Because dogs are a special animal, no matter how much dogs, they will come forward when the owner encounters danger. This sense of security comes from 100 % of the dogs. This is one of the reasons why many people are willing to raise dogs.
    The sense of loneliness
    Dogs are a very beautiful animal. They are highly cheerful and very enthusiastic every day. Dogs are animals that are particularly good at expressing their emotions, so with their company, people rarely feel lonely, but they will feel that life is particularly fulfilling. Even if the dog brings some little trouble to our lives, these troubles are nothing compared to this companion. Dogs can't speak, but they can understand people's emotions better than those who speak. If you feel lonely, raise a dog!
    mades are healthier
    Now many young people's lives are actually not healthy, often do not sleep, three meals are uncertain, not exercising. But all these unhealthy lifestyles will improve greatly after you raise dogs. Because dogs will slowly make you a person who loves sports and live regularly. Raising dogs need to bend and needs to take care of it, so they "forced" the shoveling officer to change their original lifestyle and better take care of the dog. So in the subtle way, the human lifestyle is healthier.
    This can improve interpersonal relationships, expand the circle of friends
    Dogs are very good at social animals. They like to make friends and go out to play. Therefore, if you have a dog, you can definitely stick to the dog's light, let the dog take you to expand the interpersonal relationship, expand the circle of friends, or you will find you the real emperor (heaven) Essence

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