1 thought on “Can Fo Huishan bring dogs?”

  1. Don't bring dogs.
    The general scenic spots cannot bring pets, and wild parks can bring pets. The specified regulations of each scenic spot are not necessarily.
    The Fohui Mountain, located in Lichen District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, in the southeast of Qianfoshan, also known as Great Foshan Mountain, 460 meters above sea level. The mountains are steep. There is a cliff giant Buddha's avatar on the mountains, like 7.8 meters high and 4 meters wide. It was excavated in Jingyou of the Northern Song Dynasty for two years. The original ancient temple Buddha Temple under the Fo Huishan was opened as Kaiyuan Temple in the early Ming Dynasty.
    In on the rock wall of the site, there are many statues in the Tang Dynasty and were damaged by the Cultural Revolution. On the stone wall, there are "high mountains and long water" and "Xiaoyaoyou" and other majestic inscriptions. The original writing tower on the top of the Fo Hui Mountain was built by the Ming Dynasty Pingkang Yu of Ming Jinan. Spring leaks from the cliff. Formation of "Qiutang" and "Ganlulu" Erquan, summer, covered with green shade here, cool temperatures, and tourists from all ages have come to this heat. Try tea.

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