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  1. There are four major disadvantages of pet dogs. First of all, pet dogs cannot ride on a car, which will cause great difficulties for the owner's travel. Secondly, pet dogs will urinate at home. At the same time, pet dogs love hair loss, so it is difficult to keep the pet dog's home, and the owner needs to spend time cleaning every day. In the end, the dog's voice was big and liked to scream, causing a lot of noise pollution.
    1. Difficulty in travel
    Many owners who have raised dogs know that it is very troublesome to travel with dogs, especially out of the distance, because dogs are prohibited from ride in passenger cars, trains and airplanes. Essence Once the owner has a dog, in addition to having a car, he can basically bid farewell to the tour. This is also the worst in the disadvantage of pet dogs.
    2. Environmental pollution
    The most headache for pet dogs is that the dogs will urinate anywhere. If the dog is not allowed to defecate at home, the owner needs to eat or wake up every time the dog eats or wakes up to wake up. After taking it out for a walk, let it shit to urinate outside, or spend full time to train dogs to learn to defecate fixedly.
    . Love hair loss
    Once a pet dog is raised at home, it also indicates that the owner needs to spend time and energy every day to remove the home, because the dog will spill and roll around at home, and like to turn around the trash. The most headache, dogs will be very easy to lose hair, making sofas, carpets, and cotton bed spread all over hair.
    4. Noise pollution
    The noise pollution of dogs is also a major disadvantage of pet dogs. The owner often suffers from the noise pollution of the dog and cannot rest normally, especially some pet dogs with great voice. The sound penetration is very powerful, and once the call is called, it is unbearable.

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