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  1. How to deal with the dog after the dog is dead
    Mou how to deal with it after the dog dies. The company's funeral of dealing with dogs is not only a respect for dogs, but also reflects the kindness of the owner.
    Mou how to deal with a lot of rumors after the dog dies. After the dog dies, the dog cannot be buried in the soil, so that the dog will be ghost. After all, the relationship between the dog and the owner is very friendly. They are very reluctant to leave the owner, so their souls lingering beside the owner all day long. Over time, the owner will have a disease.
    mamis, there is such a saying: If the dog is buried in the soil after the death, the dog will not be able to raise the dog in the future. Others say that if the dog is buried in the soil after death, it will become something unclean, which is very unfavorable to future descendants.
    On how to bury the dog when the dog is dead:
    The pet cemetery has a complete pet cremation in some big cities. If you want to see it often after the dog dies, there is any In the case of conditions, you can put the dog's cremation in the pet cemetery, so you can also see it when you think about it.
    This to the community staff to handle many communities that have special health institutions. If your beloved dog is dead, you can hand over the dogs to the community staff and let them deal with What harm can give the dog's last dignity.
    The staff who handed over to the Dynamic Supervision Institute handles the body of the animal supervisor that can be professional. You can give them your dogs and let them do professional and harmless treatment. Friends can die cleanly. Many large cities for pet corpses have established pet corpse treatment centers in many large cities.
    Dogs are human friends and loyal guards. They bring us endless joy when they are alive. After death, they should be cleaned and serene. In short, the dog can be buried when the dog is dead, but the diseased dog needs disinfection before buried, and then buried after being sealed.
    Mou how to deal with 2 dogs after the death of the dog? As a member of the family as a member of the family, it brings us countless joy. If your dog dies unfortunately, then don't be too sad and sad, it is the most important thing to help the dog after the last journey. In some big cities, there will be some companies that are specifically buried in dogs to help you handle the funeral of dogs.
    What to deal with dogs if you die
    If burial in your yard in your home, you should pay attention to hygiene when taking this burial method. , Especially when a dog should pay special attention to death due to infectious diseases. The grave should be dug at least 1 meter depth, sprinkle with lime, and wrap the dog after wrapping it with a cloth. If it is wrapped in a plastic bag, the dog corpse cannot be decomposed naturally and absorbed by the soil, so this method should not be used. Dogs living in the apartment are nowhere to be buried. The dog owner can contact the Health Institute or Sanitation Bureau, and they are responsible for handling the dog's body. Of course, this is necessary to charge, and the cost is self -determined by each institution, and it is not completely unified. After contacting the phone, you can put the dog's body in the carton and wait for them to pick them up. After taking them away, the special person will be concentrated and buried with other animal corpses.
    The method of resting dogs. It is recommended that when buried the dog, you can read the Buddha (read the south without Amitabha), assist the instructions and imagination, persuade it to read Amitabha, and ask the Amitabha to lead to the western bliss world.
    If the dog has left for a few years, you can also read the Tibetan Scriptures and return it to it, but it is best to read the Buddha's number. If you are still in the middle of the Yin, if you are not born, you may still die.
    The method of commemorating dogs. Take a large empty flowerpot on the balcony, which is filled with soil, buried the puppy inside, and took a large stone (if the empty flower pot leaned against the wall, then the wall next to the empty flower pot was pasted with paper), and there was The color of the color is written on the stone for a few days and a few days. If there is a photo, you can also put it (it is a dog), and put a beautiful sword orchid next to it to bless it sincerely and complete it! This is in the dog! How to play a very important role in the burial session!
    The petcar treatment in some countries has clear regulations
    The petal treatment of pet corpses in some countries has strict regulations. First of all, pet corpses must be identified by veterinarians to detect whether they have infectious diseases. Pets with infectious diseases must be cremated. For burial animals, the location is clearly stipulated and cannot be landed anywhere. The size and depth of the pit must be determined according to the length of the animals.
    In relevant reports, the pet funeral industry has formed a mature industry abroad. For example, there are about 11 million pets in the UK, and the output value of the pet market every year is as high as 3.5 billion pounds. The pet funeral industry can provide services such as cremation, coffin, pet cemetery and condolence card. In Japan, there are not only pet cremation, pet funerals and pet cemeteries, but also temples dedicated to pets.
    So the most reasonable treatment method after the death of a dog is cremation. If the place where you live is that there is no pet cremation yard in a small city and your condition is allowed, you can bring a pet body to other cities. Beijing. The services there are relatively thoughtful, with cremation, ashes, and grave. Of course, these are considered when your economic conditions permit.
    Mou how to deal with the treatment of 3 dog remains after death
    If in a large city, it is not convenient to go to the countryside or mountain, then you can hand it over to the local cremation department to deal with it. You can also buy the cemetery cremation, but the price is relatively high. It is recommended that you make cremation but do not buy a tomb. It should be much cheaper. In addition, a more way to recommend is that in the pet family, the more popular way is to bury your beloved dog under a tree. It is best to go out of the suburbs. It is more meaningful to commemorate in the future. This method is also very simple. You only need to bring a small iron shovel and find a place that is easy to remember in the suburbs.
    The method of resting dogs
    It is recommended to read the Buddha (read Nan Wu Amitabha) when you bury the dog, assist the instructions, imagine it The world is likely to become a Bodhisattva. It can also be verified (if the whole body is cold, the head is unique, the limbs can be confirmed). If the dog has left for a few years, you can also read the Tibetan scriptures and return it to it, but it is best to read the Buddha's number. If you are still in the middle of the Yin, you may still die, but you cannot verify it.

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