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  1. Common small dog varieties are: Chihuawa, Bomei, Malzis, Yorkshine, Bear, Butterfly Dogs, Putch Dogs, West Highland White Stalks, Jingba Dogs, and Shih Tzu.
    1, Chihuahua, the smallest
    in the small dog breed
    is 15-23 cm tall, 1 ~ 3 kg of weight
    Courageous and enthusiastic, energetic, can bring a lot of laughter to the owner
    2, Bomei, the loved little angel, belongs to the super small dog

    The Tosuke shape that everyone likes
    3, Malzus, wearing white silk long hair from head to toe, belongs to ultra -small dogs
    Weight 2-2.7kg
    The appearance of short hairs
    4, Yorkshine, a gorgeous long hair, second only to Chisha
    The short hair style is also very refreshing and cute
    Moria is agile, likes to be close to people, and is particularly smart
    5, Bi Xiong, a dog that is easy to be happy
    is lower than that height is lower than that 30 cm, weighing no more than 5 kg
    6, butterfly dogs, ears stand upright, exactly the wings of butterflies, named
    More, and all concentrated in the ears, especially beautiful
    A lively and cute, strong adaptability, especially suitable for being a partner dog.
    7, VIP, here is a mini VIP and toy VIP

    In addition to the Teddy style, the VIP also has a short hair shape. N8, white stalks in the west highland, white little angel
    Mao repair is a bit like rabbit
    very confident, emotional, requires the owner more care and care n9, Beijingba dog, Also known as the Beijing dog, it is an ancient dog breed in China
    . There is also a elegant long -haired fire

    just looks stunned. n
    10, Shi Shi dog is a kind of good play dog ​​with good appearance. It is also a typical partner dog suitable for home life

  2. The varieties of small dogs include Boston dogs, Malzis dogs, Jingba dogs, Schtzi dogs, Chihuahua and so on. rn1、波士顿犬rn波士顿犬是一种性情非常温和,活泼,又有耐性的小型犬种,在生活中,总是能够很好的和家里的孩子和睦相处,而且记性是It is better that you can always remember the instructions taught by the master quickly, and the dog prefers to play games, so it is very suitable to accompany the children and the elderly.
    2, the Malzis dog
    Malzis dogs a typical toy dog, especially a long white hair, which makes people look good and elegant, although the body is small , But the energy is always very strong, so it can meet the needs of the little owner at home, and it is a pet dog suitable for home support.
    3, Jingba dogs
    The people who know that Jingba dogs know that it has another name, called Haba dog, which is a local breed in China. It is better to feed, but be careful not to let the dog always eat snacks. If you develop the problem of greedy food, it will be a little difficult to feed later.
    4, Xi Shi dog
    The appearance of Xi Shi dogs is like its name. It is very outstanding. It is a very ancient ornamental dog. Therefore, if you feed the Xishi dog, you must master some training techniques so that the dog is obedient.
    5, Chihuahua
    The Chihua Dogs look relatively short and hard -working, and the hair is not as long as the schoa dog. Flexible, good at thinking, as long as the training is good, even if it is very complicated, it can be learned very well.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Dog's variety, Huski, Tibetan Mastiff, Putch, Chow Chow, Border Pedee Dog, Chihuahua, German Shepherd Dog, Akita Dog, Butterfly Dog, Pomeranian, Duzu, Shiba Inu, etc. Bull Fighting Dog RowweilenThis is a bit like Little Labrado

  4. The so -called pocket dogs are actually small dog skewers. At present, there is no such variety that exist, so don't be deceived. If there is any real, there are already breeders rushed up. You can only find it after you are big

    If you really want to raise a small, you can find a good dog house to buy Hardoripi (mini Bomei) because the market may not be bought in the market. Bomei may also be impersonally impersonated with the two skewers between Bomei or these two types, be careful. My friend's 2 -year -old Harbin Bomei, with both palms, it can stand on it. In short, very small and cute. However, it is also very expensive. The price of the dog market is 800 yuan, but I do n’t guarantee whether it is purely, and then I heard that my friend said that the dog house is very expensive. It is not the price, maybe a dog house one price

    The short hairy should still belong to Chihuahua. Like the above, Chihuahua also has a large or small body, so if you can see the puppy’s’s, Parents will basically be almost the same

    It people think that the little deer dog is not very large, and the body is thinner, but I do n’t see a lot, so I can’t give you accurately r r r

    The other is Yorkshire. The hair is very long and very gorgeous. I want to raise one very much, but it is replaced. Really Yorkonia, when the information says that Jokitia's weight will not exceed 7 pounds, more than 6 pounds

    . If there are other small dogs that are smaller than this, I will not understand
    I please adopt satisfaction.

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