5 thoughts on “The puppy's nails are long and black. How can I cut his nails?”

  1. For puppies, cut off the white part or small hook in front of the pink blood line. For adult dogs, cut it slowly little by little. When cutting to the blood line part, the dog will respond to the end. If you can't cut your dog yourself, you can send the dog to the pet hospital for your own.

  2. Dogs should be cut with special nail tongs. And to cut it frequently, because the dog's nails also have capillaries, and as the nails become longer, the capillaries will grow longer. Dogs cut your nails, just cut off the pointed place in front. After the dog runs jump, the nails will be very sharp again

  3. It is normal, just like some dog's nose is fleshy, some are black! There are also some dog nails that are black and white, which means that it is not all color, which is also normal! Generally, such a puppy belly is also dark spots.

  4. The growth of dog nails is related to the place where the dog raises and the route of walking. The nails of outdoor dogs are easily grinded, and the indoor dog has less worn. If the long nails are allowed to go naturally, it may happen that the danger of being stumbled by a carpet and lifting the entire nail cover. In severe cases, it will also cause unexpected things such as fractures. In addition, when the owner hugs the dog, he will be scratched by long nails. It is best to use a dog -specific nail knife for trimming nails. It should be noted that it must not be cut too short to avoid hurting the blood vessels and bring pain to the dog. People trimmed it. If it is a black nail, be particularly careful. Reference materials: /index.php/post-98-31-98-4613

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