1 thought on “Create and magic snow dog how to grasp can be a battle of war”

  1. Create the method of catching snow dogs as a fighting pet. The snow dog pet capture method is very simple. Like ordinary pet acquisition methods, the collar can be used after fainting.
    "Creation and Magic" is a game to be defined. What you think is what you see. If you are a living game enthusiast, it will give you the richest game experience. This world experiences thrills and excitement, and the unchanged is the adventure equipment you get or forging every resource or forged. You need to get it through your own efforts.
    game strategy:
    First of all, there are two servers to choose from creative and magic, namely melee and peaceful service. In the melee service, you can directly attack the enemy and kill the enemy. After that, there will be a hatred value. After being knocked down by the enemy, you will be locked in the small black room.
    . In the peaceful service, both parties need to be popular after both parties can attack each other, and players cannot pick up others. The game experience in mixed warfare will be more exciting. It is recommended that novice players still choose peaceful clothes.
    The most important task in the early days of the game is upgrade. I recommend that you can quickly upgrade through mining. If you are in your homeland, you must not upgrade it. Not too much benefits.
    It is not to think of making money by playing monsters and brushing magic crystals, because you have no way to compete with old players at all in the new stage of Meng, often you can only give it for nothing. For example, picking earthworms, picking sand, etc. This will not only waste a lot of time, but also benefit.

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