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  1. About 1200 yuan /piece.
    Siberian sled dogs are primitive ancient dog breeds, mainly living in northeast Siberia and southern Greenland. Husky's name is derived from its unique hoarseness.
    has a variety of Husky character, extremely timid, and some extreme violence. Husky who entered human society and family has no such extreme character. It is more docile. It is a pet dog that is popular in the world. Essence Husky, Golden Retriever, and Labrador are tied as three major offensive dogs, which have been widely raised by people around the world, and have a large number of races of the dogs worldwide.
    's advantages of Husky
    1, clean
    Husky has a light taste and less saliva, and its hair is very clean and easy to take care of. Sometimes it will not feel dirty without bathing for a long time. Just comb the hair.
    But the hairy hair of Husky is more beautiful and smooth. You can feed dog food with deep -sea fish oil on weekdays, or properly feed some egg yolks. It is good for the dog's hair. The owner should also pay attention that although the Husky hair is relatively clean, it still needs to be cleaned regularly.
    2, non -aggressive

    Husky is one of the non -aggressive dogs. It is docile and friendly, and there is almost no active attack on humans. For the current dog status of China, the docile and friendly Erha can allow you and dogs to have certain advantages in the surrounding environment, and it is easier to be accepted.

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