5 thoughts on “The neighbor's dog screams loudly. I want to write a note to remind me. How to write better?”

  1. There is no need to engage in the secrets of the gods, and come directly to the door to explain: just say that neurasthenia and sleep are not good. Please take care of your neighbors.
    The see how the neighbors are dealt with. If it does not change, it directly reflects the neighborhood committee, and then the alarm processing.

  2. Does destiny exist, of course, and can be changed through our efforts. "Four Training", a kind of ethics and self -cultivation of the world. The author is Yuan Yuanfan in the Ming Dynasty, who was 69 years old. The author describes the process of changing his destiny with his own experience. Non -Merit and longevity, but have longevity longevity and longevity. There are no children, but they have two sons. They have two sons and TV series. They can be found on the Internet that only good and evil can break through the fate. Increased, evil decreases, even if good loses for the time being, the blessing of the entire fate increases, and the increase is much more. The opposite is the opposite. Being able to control everything is not a mortal, you can cry the ghosts and gods. Of course, this needs to be practiced slowly. The so -called cultivation of mind is to repair this.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear ~ Hello, I am your neighbor, the call of your dog affects my daily life, I hope you can train itnSimple and clear, bestnSome people raise dogs and treat dogs as members of the family. Sometimes you say he is unwilling to listennIn fact, the dog barks the people he should knownknewnSo you just remind you that if you have public morals, you will pay attentionnBecause the dog can disturb the people, he should complain that he should knownAsk our workers to work in the factory, take a break during the day, and the dogs can not sleep well during the day.nAnswer dear ~nDear ~ UnderstandnI can't rest well when I sleep during the day, and stay up late at nightnHello, I am your neighbor. Your dog screams too loud during the day and can a little loud? In order to live, stay up late at night, I can only sleep during the day, please! Intersection IntersectionnBecause the daytime dog activity is normal, you can only ask him. Do you see this way?nMore 11nBleak

  4. Your prosperity is domineering, and the dog barking is the power of floods, and the neighbor is unable to compete. Dear, is the dog owner let the dog low -key? Intersection

    Is to help you help you ~~~~~~

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