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  1. The pet owner went out and walked the dog to lose the dog for a while. I have been waiting for him at the door of the house, or one day watching the wolf dog excitedly rushed towards the direction of his home, or I never saw the dog again. Do you know what the dogs are after the dog is lost?
    1. Looking for the owner by hearing. Looking for the owner dogs who are not far away, they usually look for it by listening. Dogs can hear a farther distance than humans. If the distance is not far away, the dog can discern the voice of the owner by listening to the owner to the owner. Around your side; in addition, if the range is relatively large, the dog will walk around where the owner is scattered, and at the same time listen to it with its sensitive ears. If you hear the familiar sound, you will immediately run over and confirm it.
    2, looking for the owner by the sense of smell. The distance of the dog's hearing is always limited. At the same time, its sensitive sense of smell can play a great role, there is a smell of the owner's residual in nearby; in addition Find your own smell and find the way home; there are also some dogs that are more courageous. They will go directly to people to smell and find familiar odors.
    3, waiting for the owner in place. There are always some dogs with very small courage. After walking with the owner, watching everything around you will be very scared, you will not walk around, but choose to wait for the owner to come back to find it; there is a dog Loyalty and the old, trusting their own owners, if the owner puts himself somewhere, it will always wait for the owner to come back to pick it up.
    So if you and your dogs are scattered, you should first return to find the dog. The dog will be extremely excited when you see you returning. Be sure to double love your dog, because such dogs usually cannot accept the new owner anymore. Even if they are taken away, it will still come to this place to wait for you. Dogs are discarded, you are its world, the only owner who is willing to believe and accompany his life.
    4, hiding in fear. Some dogs are born with a small boldness, and they rarely go out, and they do n’t get along with the same kind. They are more afraid of strange humans. Therefore, such dogs usually only find bunkers to hide. The pet owner did not find it, then they would be reduced to stray dogs, and usually pet dogs adapt to poor social ability. They may not be eliminated for a long time.
    So after the dog is lost, they all think of the owner. Whether they are looking for the owner or waiting for the owner to pick them up, they always believe in the owner, so the pet owner should not let the dog fall into this uneasiness and panic. It should be prevented from being lost. The most effective way is to go out to lead the traction rope. Do not feel that the traction rope restricts the freedom of the dog. To a dangerous place, you can also avoid eating and loss of dogs, because the conflict caused by dogs can also be reduced.
    The dangers they are facing after the dogs are lost. On the way home, it faces a lot of strange people and vehicles. The dog vendor slaughter became the Chinese meal for others, or the stray dog ​​was hunted, but in this case I believe that the dog's heart is still the owner, and it is struggling to look forward to the owner to bring it home.
    Wang the pet owner must be optimistic about the dog, do not let the dog run around, because the pet owner has caused the dog's loss and accidents. Some dogs will be killed long after it can't pass. Not all dogs are so lucky. I hope that the pet owner should not pin his hope on luck, but to be lost in the dog's safety measures.

  2. After the dog is lost, you should find it in time, and then let the passersby inquire about whether you see your dog, it is best to retrieve the surveillance video.

  3. After your own dogs are lost, you should keep a sober and calm mind. Don't move the position very anxiously. After that, you can go to the place where you go to play often.

  4. It is to post dog search information, then choose to call the police, and through the traces of the dog, do your best to find it.

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