5 thoughts on “What are the dogs who are prone to fat?”

  1. There are many kinds of dogs with easy fat constitutions, but dogs do not love fat or not, but to see how the owner feeds;

    , Fa Dou, such small dogs are prone to fat; large dogs such as golden retriever and Labrador are also prone to fat;
    but obesity except the variety is the master's feeding method; my family is a bear than a bear. When I fed it, it was normal, but after my mother was fed, it began to get fat, and it was a very fatty one. Finally, I got a lipoma and had to do surgery;

    The owners also feed Husky into Husky pigs, so obesity does not define and varieties, and the back breeding is critical;

    The definition of obesity refers to excessive fat in the body body. A pathological phenomenon that causes many biological function changes to the body;

    obesity will increase the risk of the disease, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia diabetes, and even reduce life;

    Generally speaking, the legs of the legs are easy to obese, and the dogs who like to run are prone to obesity in the city; inheritance is also prone to obesity; generally bit dogs are more obesity than male dogs. , Gong dog obesity rate accounts for 40%; in addition to this, sterilization can also lead to obesity. Whether in male dogs or bitches, sterilized dogs are doubled than sterilized, and the proportion of obesity will double;

    The intake of diet and nutritional ratio of food can be well controlled by the weight of pets. Of course, the amount of exercise is also essential. If pets are too fat, you need to pay attention to a lot; for example, as long as they only need to be Give it as if you want to eat. Many, many snacks are waiting for them. They can eat casually. The meals are too delicious. These are the fatal problems of their weight soaring; in addition to reducing the intake of heat and fat To limit your pets, you need to limit the number of stitches; you can divide the weight loss meals or low -calorie dog food, and feed each meal; you usually like to eat snacks. From it to eat snacks; control the weight of pets, it is best not to let it go to the step that must be lost;

  2. Golden Mao, Husky, Tibetan Mastiff. These large dogs are easy to gain weight. As long as nutrition can keep up, golden retriever, Husky, Tibetan mastiff can grow very big and fat.

  3. 1. Bagu dog: It is a foodie, so Bago, who does not like sports and loves to eat, is also a full fat physique.
    2. Labrador: Their amount of food is particularly large, obsessed with eating, and unable to extricate himself. As long as he eats him, he will obediently listen to you.

  4. Golden Mao, Alaska, when the two dogs are very good, their digestive systems are not very good. Alaska is even called Alas pigs.

  5. Dogs are not easy to get fat, so if the dog is fat, the owner needs to reflect on whether to feed too much, pay attention to the health of diet. The second is that the amount of exercise is small. If the dogs often live at home, they will cause insufficient exercise. Finally, some diseases will also make the dog's body gain weight. The owner needs more attention.

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