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  1. After the cat's hair is eliminated, the hair grows very slowly, and the hair grows very hard and rough, indicating that the cat's hair nutritional supplies are not enough, so it wants the cat's hair to grow faster and grow well. You need to eat nutritious foods for cats, and with some beautiful hair products.
    1. Pay attention to nutritional equilibrium
    The nutritional nutrients required for cats are mainly protein and vitamins. Therefore, these two nutritional elements should be a necessity among some foods feeded by the cat. Then the owner can feed cats to become cat food in full price. This type of cat food is generally balanced with vitamins and protein, which helps the hair moisturize. In addition, occasionally can feed some canned hair, which is rich in protein and calories.
    If the owner has time, you can make some nutrient -made cat rice for cats at home, which is more nutritious and healthier than cat food, canned food, etc., and the cats are well matched by themselves. I like to eat.
    2. Feeding lecithin
    If the cat's hair is fast and good, you can feed the cats of lecithin seaweed particles. First of all, myosol phospholipids in lecithin are essential substances for hair growth, which can promote the rapid growth of hair. It can also beautify the hair, so that the cat's hair can be smooth and beautiful. In addition to the use of beauty and hair, cats can also increase their resistance, prevent skin diseases, and have the function of delaying aging.
    3. Comb the hair and expose the sun
    , even if the cat's hair is short, you can sort out the hair every day. The blood circulation on the surface of the skin is very good for promoting hair growth. However, it should be noted that you need to use a pet's round head comb. Do not use sharp, dense combs to scratch your skin.
    In addition, you can take a cat out of the sun as soon as you have time. The sun can promote the secretion of vitamins on the hair. After the cat licks the hair, it can be supplied to some nutrients, and the ultraviolet rays can effectively sterilize and insects. Skin health.

  2. Cats are the best to eat fish,
    Mao will be very bright and fast,
    This is very nutritious and good for the body,
    It buy fresh fish and cook!

  3. Betin beef ingot seaweed powder half egg yolk mixes in vegetables and meat. If the cat does not like to eat vegetables, it will be replaced with fruits. The hair loss and no spirit may be caused by malnutrition, and the diet should be balanced. Moreover, the effect of Betin beef ingots is also very good for hair cultivation and hair protection. You can prepare some ∞ at home

  4. 在 The nutritional meal that my cat has been using is: boiled chicken breasts boiled vegetables into mud, with cat food and double -phosphate beef ingot, the hair effect is very good, if the cat does not eat vegetables, you can change it. Fruit. Not only dense hair but also shiny!

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