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  1. Dog's variety name Daquan
    Dog's variety name Daquan. In real life, there are many types of dogs. Different dogs have different characteristics. The dogs are very loyal to the owner. Such dogs The dog is still very cute, let's share the name of the dog's variety names for everyone.
    Dogs of Dogs 1 Small Dog
    1. Big Bear
    is a common small pet dog, because of the cute shape and beautiful and soft hair are loved by people. Bichon's personality is very good. Although it is usually sticky, the obedience is still relatively high. In addition, it is very smart, you can learn a lot of small skills, so it is handy in please the host.
    2. Corgi dog
    Xiao Corki's appearance is really healed. He is born with a smiley face and is friendly to people. Bring a lot of joyful dogs. No dogs such as Teddy and Bear, such as Teddy, you need to go to a beauty shop to take care of the good -looking hairstyles. The owner helps it regularly. Eat some dog food that can be beautiful. It will be more beautiful.
    3. Mini Sherry
    Xuenaritian's life spirit can be a dog who can act as a door -looking dog. When you get up, your temper is very big, and he may lose his temper to the owner. The owner should interact more with it, increase trust and intimacy, and coax it when you are angry. A little delicious goat cheese dog snack is a good choice.

    Immed dogs
    4. Border Shepherd Dog
    The edge shepherds are famous for their high IQ and good execution. After breeding, you will be very worry -free in terms of training. Basically, you can learn what you have learned for a few days. Usually, when you are obedient, you will be able to do so well. But if the owner he wants does not give it, it will secretly make trouble, or secretly take it by himself. Anyway, the owner will steal it if he does not stole it.
    5. Husky
    The second -hasty and the border herds above are completely comparison. Husky is discovered if he goes to eat. Types. The courage was small, and he loved the evil dog first. The owner scolded it two words, and he cried grievily. However, because of the timidity, some of the orders of the owner dare not listen, scared that they were afraid to die twice, that is, the representative player who changed the IQ with the face value.
    6. Shiba Inu
    Xiaochai has a smile on the face. Looking at the appearance, it feels that it is a honest and loyal dog, but in fact, the stubborn Shiba Inu is not controlled by ordinary people, and sometimes it is a walking. , The owner goes to the left, if you want to go to the right, you will keep you walking to the right. Regardless of the feeling of the owner at all, you will or do n’t walk on the ground. It really hurts to meet such a small firewood.
    It large dogs
    7. Golden Retriever retrieves dogs
    Golden retriever's name believes that most people have heard of it. In fact, golden retriever is a very smart dog, and it is not completely lost at all, especially when the golden retriever when it was a child is really naughty. After you make a mistake, you punish it. It will look at you with innocent eyes, just pretending to be stupid. But in addition, it has no big problem, just love hair.
    8. Alaska dog
    Ala looks very mighty. In fact, it is a guy who is strong and strong in front of the owner, but when you go out when you go out, you will hide in the outside Behind the master or hug. In addition, Allah has a large amount of exercise and exercise at least 1 hour a day; because the uniqueness of the Alaska dog's gastrointestinal, you cannot feed too much at a time, or you can be hungry, otherwise it may cause stomach torsion and stomach bleeding, nor will it not Facial nutrition absorption.
    9. Scottish shepherds
    Su Mu is good at distinguishing. When encountering strangers, they have a strong alert psychology. Therefore, it can protect the elderly and children. It is a comprehensive dog with outstanding ability. Its elegant appearance and strong body shape, as well as long and elegant hair, are the appearance that many people like. It can also be used as a ambulance and guide dog. For smart dogs, adding snacks during training can achieve more effort.
    Dogs of the dog's name Daquan 2 1. Husky
    Siberian sled dog, commonly known as Husky, nicknamed Erha. Siberian sled dog is the primitive ancient dog breed, mainly living in northeast Siberia and southern Greenland. Husky's name is derived from its unique hoarseness.
    has a variety of Husky character, extremely timid, and some extreme violence. Husky who entered human society and family has no such extreme character. It is more docile. It is a pet dog that is popular in the world. Essence Husky, Golden Retriever, and Labrador are tied as three major offensive dogs, which have been widely raised by people around the world, and have a large number of races of the dogs worldwide.

    2. Corgi
    The Welsh Corgi PEMBROKE is a small dog. They are very courageous and quite alert. One of the popular small guard dogs.
    3. Border Shepherd Dog
    Border Collie (Border Collie), native to the Scottish border. It is a kind of Keli Shepherd. It has a strong shepherd instinct. Understanding the owner's instructions can drive the flock to move or rotate through the gaze of the eyes. It has been regarded as a shepherd dog for many years, ranking first in the world's dog IQ.
    4. Golden Retriever recovered dogs
    The Golden Retriever is a single hound, a more popular dog variety. The swimming battery life is excellent in the recovery of wild poultry recovery dogs.
    The golden retriever is one of the most common household dogs. It is easy to raise, has patience and does not require much requirements. As long as it exercises regularly, feed food and veterinary medical examinations.
    5, Satsuma
    Satsuma, family dog ​​variety name. This kind of dogs are unsatisfactory, lively and cheerful, vigilant, and smart. In the past, they were often used to pull sleds, deer hunting, etc. At present, they are mostly raised as family dogs.
    The centuries ago, this dog was mainly raised by the Satsumans in central Siberia and was named. This dog has a typical pointed dog characteristics. It has a wide head, slender kiss, wedge -shaped, small ears, and oval eyes dark. The tail rolls on the back, so hair. The chest is wide, the back is straight, the limbs are strong, and the hair is decorated. Its white hair is easy to fall off, and it is slightly dependent
    Dog's variety name Daquan 3 dog breeds:
    (very smart): 1. Border Shepherd Dog. 2. Pentian. 3. German Shepherd .4. Golden Hounds .5. Doberman .6. Setti Shepherd. 7. Labrador .8. 9. Australian Shepherd ): 10. Wilscoko. 11. Mini Xue Narui .12. British jumping dog .13 .14. Belgian Topo. 15. German wolf dog .16. . Scottish Shepherd .18. Coca Card .19. The United States Card Card .20. Weimar Hound. 21. 24. Berry Dog. 25. Newfoundland Dog. 26. 27. Mini Dubersso .28. Pharaoh Hound Dog. 29. 31. Cavaliers Charlie King Hound Dog .32. Husky .33. Bit Bear Dog .34. Tibetan Mastiff Dog. 35. 36. 37.37. Slash dog .40. Sab dog .41. Akita dogs.

    (I walked and me): 42. Baro .43. French bullfighting dog. 44. . Ancient shepherd dogs .47. San Bernard .48. 49 .49. 50 .50. 51. 51. .54. 55.55. Beijing Dog .56. Soviet -Russian Shepherd Dog .57. Chow Chow .58. 59 Afghan Hound. Multiple. They are different in size. They are different from hairy colors. They are in various ways and are in various ways. It is almost difficult for people to believe that it is the same animal, but all the differences are the result of people's domestication. Therefore, the famous Swedish biologist Lin Nai, who created the animal classification system and the animal named "double -name method", attributed all the dog -raised dogs in the world into one type, named "House Dog", and has been in use. Essence

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