What do I need to pay attention to when I raise Mu?

What should I do for more than two months?

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  1. First of all, when we were young, we should pay attention to the feeding situation of Bian Mu. When Bian Mu was a child, he loved to eat, so we need to feed more foods to Bian Mu in terms of feeding Bian Mu can't eat too many things for a while. The puppies' stomach is not particularly good, so you can't feed too many things to avoid damage to the gastrointestinal and intestines of Bian Mu. For adulthood, it is recommended to feed normally at each feeding.
    If conditions for friends, you can also make dog food feed on dog food. Little mandarin tells you the simplest dog food. The dog of the mandarin also eats the same. You can buy some common ingredients in the supermarket: chicken breasts, duck breasts, salmon, beef and mutton, etc., buy home and cook it into a favorite shape to directly put on the oven or air dryer. There are also some are not easy to buy, such as cattail bone, lamb leg, lamb hoof, fan bone, crispy bone, bull knee, beef throat and the like. Pure natural can also supplement calcium.
    In terms of hygiene, it is necessary to take a bath to Bian Mu regularly. You cannot let Bian Mu's body infection, because there are many Mao on Bian Mu's body. If you do not clean it for a long time, it is easy to be infected. Especially in summer, the weather is too hot in summer, and there are many hair on Bian Mu's body, which is easy to be infected, so pay attention to cleaning. There are not so many particular attention in winter, just pay more attention. Also, pay attention to drying after taking a bath. You can use a hair dryer. You must blow the wet hair clean to prevent a cold.
    In the last little mandarin to summarize, the most important thing to feed dogs is to pay attention to two points, one is dog food, and the other is hygiene. As long as you give enough patience, you usually observe your favorite pets. Don't be afraid to raise your own dog.

  2. Border shepherd IQ is equivalent to a 8 -year -old child. It is very smart. What should be paid attention to when breeding border herds? Today, I will tell you about 5 things that need to be paid attention to!
    1. Bian Mu is clever, to guide
    Themailing and IQ is high. This is recognized. Bianmu understands the insights. The instructions of the owner can be understood in seconds. It ’s lazy, but the obedience of Bian Mu is relatively lazy, and during training, it will make you unable to distinguish whether it is border herd training or you train it, so if you raise it, you must guide it. Before the training, it will be better when you grow up.
    2, the border herd movement is large, to meet the
    side shepherd is a shepherd dog, and the amount of exercise is quite large. If the amount of exercise cannot be satisfied, the dog will vent at the place where there is no place. If you are breeding, you must take the edge to exercise for 2-3 hours a day to release the excess energy of the border pasta. You can also release it by training, such as flying disks, cross-obstacles, etc., which can consume the extra energy of the edge of the pastor. Training and cooperation can be used. Snacks, dogs will be more active.
    3, the edge of the hair loss, pay attention to
    mades are dogs that can lose hair, so you need to pay attention to nursing and diet. It is recommended to sort it every day By light, try to avoid high salt foods. You can choose high -quality natural dog food with low -salt low -salt to effectively alleviate hair loss. You must also clean the doghouse. Because it is a place for dogs to sleep, it is necessary to clean Okay, prevent bacterial infection and suffer from skin diseases.

    4, the border animal husbandry is strong, and the teeth must be grinded
    . The binding is naturally bite, so you need to grind your teeth often. Oral problems such as bad breath, so you need to often grind your teeth for border herds. Morning teeth help to clean your mouth, remove bad breath, and prevent oral diseases. You can buy some large pork bones or dogs. It can not only grind teeth to clean the mouth, but also supplement nutrition and enhance bones!
    5, the number of meals of the border herd
    Themu puppies need to be fed 3-4 times a day, feed 2-3 times a day after adulthood, feed the time in the morning, middle, and evening Specifies, be sure to feed them too much. Generally, it is enough to feed 8 points. The rest can be used to supplement them in time daily. Bianpu puppies 2 months ago are recommended to use water soaked puppies and then feed.
    Brimal shepherd diet note:
    The article talks about the hair loss of the pastoral, you need to pay attention to the diet, try to avoid high salt food or dog food. Here is a product that recommends low -salt nutrition that effectively relieves hair loss. It ’s the editor who has been reconciled for many years. After changing a lot of dog food for his own dogs, he finally feeds the dogs. Whether it is a dog's stool or hair, it is very healthy, and there are special nutritionists to help solve the solution after the purchase. All the dysfunction, the editor also communicated with the nutritionist, and learned a lot of knowledge in this regard. In addition to dog food, you can also feed some bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots and other ingredients.
    Brifferent animal husbandry training snacks:
    dog snacks of the edge shepherd, recommending non -greasy chicken jerky, real -ingredients of dried meat, fresh ingredients, low temperature drying, retaining meat nutrients, not only can molars can wear teeth, not only can teeth can not only grind their teeth It can also be used as usual training rewards to supplement nutrition.
    In conclusion: Do you know what you need to pay attention to?

  3. Precautions for raising the border shepherd:
    After the border shepherd successfully weaned, parents can start to gradually choose the appropriate puppies to feed, so that border herds can gradually adapt to other foods. Due to the fragile puppies, they should be fed according to the principle of eating less and meals during the feeding process. Feed 3-4 meals a day, and it needs to be quantitative regularly. Hard puppies are preferably soaked with warm or milk.
    In addition, pet dogs are rectums, and they will show signs of excretion for 30 minutes after each diet or 15 minutes of drinking water. In order to avoid random randomness, parents should conduct necessary training and guidance. After diet, you need to pay close attention to the behavior and activities of the dog. Once you find that it is constantly rotating on the ground, it means that it is about to excrete. Parents should guide them in time. Training is excreted in a fixed place. It also makes it develop good habits.
    In addition, parents should also sort out the hair once a day, wash their eyes every week, and ears to prevent the breeding and infection of mites. Brushing your teeth every week for about 3 times, completely clean the foreign body of the mouth, keep the oral cleaning, and prevent oral diseases. In addition, it is necessary to repeat the interior and in vitro deworming to prevent the production of parasitic diseases. At the same time, it is also necessary to take a bath for the border shepherd. It is also necessary to remove the dirt on the body, keep the body clean and healthy. Infected other infectious diseases

  4. As a large dog, Bian Mu needs the owner to provide a certain venue for him to enhance the amount of exercise to promote bone growth and development. In addition, their slender hair also needs to be beautiful through regular bathing and care. But the most important thing is to vaccinate the multi -joint vaccine and rabies vaccine to prevent infectious diseases. 1. Provide the venue's border animal husbandry, which requires a lot of exercise to promote bone growth and development. Otherwise, it is likely to suffer from bone disease such as osteoporosis and hind legs. In addition, the huge body shape of Bian Mu also determines that they are not suitable for being kept in a small space for a long time, such as warehouses and dog cages. Therefore, the borderful herds must provide them with spacious activity areas. 2. Regular nursing side herds are typical long -haired large dogs. The slender hair is easy to hide dirt and clutter. Therefore, breeding of border herds need to take them to a pet shop to take a bath and knot, keep the hair tidy, beautiful, and prevent skin diseases such as dermatitis and moss. 3. Vaccination edge can be infected with acute infectious diseases such as canine plague, small dogs, rabies, etc., which are commonly used in dogs. Therefore, multi -connected vaccines and rabies vaccines need to be regularly vaccinated. For the first time the vaccine's border herd, it is best to vaccinate a multi -connected vaccine for 7 to 15 days, three consecutive vaccination, and inject the rabies vaccine together at the last vaccination.

  5. The first thing to say is that in the first two months, Bian Mu was fed by breastfeeding. After weaning, you can add sheep milk powder or liquid food. If you can eat dry ingredients, you can eat meat. , Fix the fixed -point daily, four times when I was a child, twice after adult dogs; in the process of feeding, I cannot give ... more
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