Want to raise a pet dog, golden retriever and German Mu two choose one!

Have you ever raised, can you talk about the differences between these two dogs?
I heard that German Mu only recognizes that the person as the person?

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  1. The origin of golden retriever
    The golden retriever's recovery dog ​​originated in the 19th century

    . The history of Golden Rather n19th century, the original name of the Golden Retriever recovered the dog was a Soviet -Russian tracking dog, and later joined Buddhist music. Find prey dogs, blood hunting dogs, and water hunting dog breeds. The result of the breeding produces the golden retrieved dog with the ability to retrieve the retrieved prey, and is good at tracking and keen smell. After the first exhibition of the Golden Retriever's recovery dog ​​in 1908, it is favored by people. Now it is still popular all over the world. Strong and well -proportioned dog species, golden retriever has a medium -length and rich golden feather -like hair (the hair should not be red), the bottom hair is thick, and the outer layer is welcomed. The skull of the golden retriever is wide, the tip of the nose and nose is thin, and the wide and powerful. The teeth of the golden retriever are cut, and the inside of the upper tooth is contacted with the lower income. The nasal mirror of the golden retriever is black, the eyes are dark brown and the eyes are deep, and the expression is friendly. The ears of the golden retriever are medium size and drooping, the neck and hind body muscles are developed, and the chest cavity is wide. The tail is long but not curled. The overall appearance of the Golden Retriever retrieves the dog: the shape, powerful, lively, stable action, friendly expression, enthusiastic personality

    of the character of golden retriever
    In the natural situation, the golden retriever retrieved dogs showed a happy battle or hostility to other dogs or people; naturally timid and nervous, it is the characteristics of the characteristics of the golden retriever

    Find the ability of the dog to be gentle, clever, and born with a natural work, gentle temperament, friendly and confident
    n of the hair color and type of golden capillary


    The color of Golden Retriever retrieved dogs: The hair color of golden retriever is from milk to golden yellow, but it cannot be red. Golden Retriever retrieves the color of the dogs with a bright golden yellow color of various colors. Golden retriever's feather -like hair is slightly lighter than other parts. In addition to the increased age of golden retriever, the hair of the face and body parts gradually gray, and other white spots (except a few white hairs on the chest) are punished according to their extension. The light -colored change allowed by the Golden Retriever to retrieve dogs cannot be confused with white spots. The main color of the golden retriever is too light or deep in the main color of the hair. Some golden retriever puppies have pale hair, but the hair color of golden retriever will deepen in adulthood. Such golden retriever puppies should have a certain looseness when reviewing. Any conspicuous black or other colored hair is severe defects of golden cumulatory hair color. Golden retriever retrieved the bechy of the dog: dense, and the bottom layer was welcomed. The outer layer of the golden retriever is hard and elastic, neither rough nor soft, close to the body; Without trimming, the natural ring collar, the golden retriever retrieves the back of the dog's front leg and under the body has moderate feather -like hair; the golden retriever retrieves the front, the back of the thigh, and the bottom side of the tail Dress. Golden retriever retrieves the hair of the dog's head, feet, and the front of the legs is short and uniform. Excessive long, split hair and excessive soft hair are very uncomfortable. Golden Retriever can be trimmed at the foot of the dog, which can be sorted out, but the natural hair shape and outline should not be trimmed and destroyed

    common diseases of golden retriever
    nIn congenital eye deformity of the hip joint development
    Cope diseases

    Cymatic retinal retinal retinal retinal developmental dysplasia retinal development of cataract Sexual Bloody Disease Cross Care Create Fracture Nephrology Ferry Person Increase

    ================== ==========

    The origin of German Mu
    19 century

    The history of German Mu
    A large number of German shepherds introduced the UK, and then quickly appeared around the world. Become one of the most popular and most popular varieties. But the most loved shepherd is still a German. At present, there are about 500,000 raising a total of 500,000, of which 90 % are raised by the family and become good partners and guardians of residents. Essence During the First World War, the German Shepherd was sent to the front line; in the Second World War, Hitler ordered his army to recruit 200,000 shepherd dogs. Nazi concentration camps. Later, after the Berlin Wall was built, he also served as the guardian of the East and West and Germany. In the peaceful age after the end of World War II, German Shepherds became film and television stars. He played an important role in many TV series, which was loved by people, especially obsessed with young friends. In the TV series "Police Officer of Rex", German shepherds performed well. The film was translated into 26 languages ​​in all parts of the world. It was widely circulated, and German shepherd dogs were also famous.

    Overview of German Shepherd
    Overview: A good German Shepherd is impressed by strong, agile, muscular, vigilance, and vibrant. Very smooth, the front and rear body are very harmonious. The body length is slightly greater than the height, and the body is deep. The smooth curve of the body's contour is better than the angle. The body is strong and not slender. Whether during the rest or in exercise, the impression is that the muscles are developed and agile, neither clumsy nor weak. The ideal German shepherd's impression is that the quality is good and has a sense of nobleness, but it can be distinguished at a glance without making mistakes. Gender characteristics are very obvious, according to their different gender, or seemingly majestic or soft.

    The character of German Mu returns to the top
    strong, agile, muscular, vigilance, and vibrant, direct, bold, but invincible.

    The temperament of German Mu
    bold, but invincible. Confidence and obvious indifference make it less likely to approach and build friendship. This variety must be approachable and calmly standing there, seeing very confident, willing to accept arrangements, not stubborn. It should be calm, but sometimes it looks enthusiastic and vigilant.

    The hair color and type of German shepherd return at the top

    black and tan

    r blue

    dark brown
    color: should be black, accompanied by cloud -like black hair, and its back and face are also black. The chestnuts of the shepherd can be white, but this color is not ideal. The nose hair of the dog must be completely black, the black hair on the face is too small, the black hair around the eyes is too small, and the nails and the tip of the tail are light or white should be regarded as lack of pigmentation. The lower body hair of the shepherd should be light gray. White is not allowed. Hair: The ideal dog has a medium -length double -layer. The outer layer may be dense, and the hair is straight, thick, and flat. Slightly wavy hairs, usually the hair of rigid hair, is allowed. The head, including the ears, foreheads, legs and feet covered with short hair, and the hair on the neck is long and dense. The hair of the forelimb and hind legs is slightly long, extending to the bone and flying festivals, respectively. Soft hair; silk -shaped hair; excessive coats in the outer layer; wool of wool texture; curly quilt; open quilt. This dog is short hair. Skin: tight, without any wrinkles.

    Copher often diseases of German Mu
    genetic disease


    Themark axis of venomato -friendly diseases of vascular hemophilia

  2. Golden retriever is very docile and lively, and is also very friendly to strangers. German Mu is relatively stable or vigilant about strangers. Many domestic police dogs are German Mu, and they are good guards, so there are more people who are afraid of German Mu. If you want a lot of pet dogs or places to play together, there are more residents who walk, so choose golden wool. I hope that the dog can still look at the home for the home.

  3. It's not what you said. Both Golden Retriever and German Mu are very good pets. They belong to the size of the body. The golden retriever is relatively docile. The German Mu looks fierce, and the golden retriever is very beautiful.

  4. Both dogs are very smart, golden and fur is docile, and German shepherds are strong!
    Is see where you are! The city is to raise golden hair, the place is big, you can raise German herds when you are free, train it if you have nothing!

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