5 thoughts on “There are young children in the family, is it suitable for pet puppy? why?”

  1. If there is a cute little member in the family, it can improve the emotions of the entire family. Many parenting experts believe that pets as children growing up can cultivate children's love and enhance their sense of responsibility. But do you know which dogs are particularly suitable for babies? What should I pay attention to when the baby and the dog are together?
    1. Dogs can cultivate children's sense of responsibility
    . Before raising dogs, parents need to let their children understand that raising dogs is a long -term job, but it is unlike toys to play at will, and discard it at will. To raise pets, take it as a part of the family, and must always protect it. Properly allocate some jobs to take care of pets for them to do, so that children will be used as partners in their own play. He also participated in actual care, allowing children to gradually cultivate a sense of responsibility for things in the process of living with pets.
    2, dogs can play with children
    The dogs have also increased the time of children outdoors, exercise more naturally, more lively, more lively, and more leading temperament. These seem to be a trivial matter. These seem to be a trivial matter. What is great for children's future personality.
    of course. For children who love dogs, if they really want to raise, then parents should weigh their profits and disadvantages before deciding whether to raise dogs. If you decide to raise a dog, parents need to know how to raise the dog correctly to hurt their children. First of all, try not to let the child play with the dog alone without the guardian. Although the dog is gentle, sometimes it is time to make a temper, and there are also time when emotional out of control. The child is young and the ability to deal with sudden problems is not strong. In order to let the child play with dogs safely under the care of adults. If you are bitten by a dog, you must go to the hospital for treatment in time, and you cannot delay for a while. Secondly, the dogs should be regularly performed for the dogs, and they should take insecticidal drugs on a regular basis to prevent immunity in advance. Strictly clean up the dog's excrement, disinfect the living environment of the dog regularly, so that pets and children live in a clean environment. Only such a dog will not affect the child's health and safety.

  2. I think if conditions permit, it is completely possible to raise a dog for children! On the premise of ensuring safety and health (dog health, regular injection of vaccine), dogs have a lot of benefits to children! Children accompanied by dogs will be more caring.

  3. It is recommended not to raise it first. Dogs often play with children, and children do not have the habit of washing their hands often. Intersection

  4. Suitable for. As long as the pet puppy is checked regularly, the injection should not be harmful to the young child. You can raise a pet dog. Maybe you can look at the children!

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