1 thought on “How to help your dog bath for pet maintenance teaching”

  1. First, comb the dog's hair before taking a bath to avoid knotting. Then you can stuff the dog's ears with a cotton ball. So as not to take a bath.
    , the dog is soaked in warm water with a warm temperature, gently sorted out the hair of the dog, so that the dog feels comfortable and quiet.
    , the Shakin dog bath is applied from the back, and rubbing from the back to the hip. Finally, wash the dog's head, ears, chin, anus, limbs, soles of the feet, etc., and be washed.
    four, then cover the dog's ears, rinse it down from the top of the head with water, pay attention to prevent the water from flowing into the ears, and then rinse the body with water with water.
    five, immediately wrap the head with a towel and dry the water. Dry it with a hair dryer. While the hair dryer, we must keep combing hair. As long as the dog's hair is not dry, it should be combed until the hair dry.

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