5 thoughts on “How can I get two dogs in the house, how can they get along in harmony?”

  1. Hey, this question is fun, I want to say, you asked right.
    Prior to, our family had two native dogs who had just been born.
    It was worried about their loneliness when I hugged them home. Later, they found that they were so noisy. They fought together. R n later I separated them and found two cages, one on it, one below, can you just do it? It is recommended that you do the same, and the effect is good.

  2. I raised two dogs in my house. In order to prevent the two of them from making trouble, I started to take care of them at the beginning, and let them live in different rooms at home. It may be because they are always rare. When the dogs meet, the relationship is particularly good, so I think that they may be separated when they start to raise dogs, and then put them together when they are familiar with, so that they will get along in harmony.

  3. There are two dogs in the home. If you want to get along with each other in harmony, it will take a while, and only through time can they accept each other. I am here to accept this. I understand.
    and often take them out, so much better.

  4. There are two dogs in the family, which is basically impossible to get along in harmony. They like to fight for pets. As long as the owner hugs one of the dogs, the other dog will come back to fight. However, if you raise a male dog and a bitch, they will be harmonious in harmony Get along, you will also show your face with blood, let you eat dog food

  5. If two dogs are raised at home, do not raise two male dogs. The best combination is a male and one mother, so it is not easy to fight, and two dining pins are used as much as possible when feeding food. Never stroke another dog in front of a dog. Because the dog's jealousy is great. There were two puppies in my house. Whenever I was in get off work, the two little guys ran madly. I held one in my arms and the other hand was constantly tickling the other. So their relationship is very harmonious now and sleeps in one nest every day.

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