1 thought on “How to repel mosquito repellent in a cat family?”

  1. 1. Flying Tottery, green and environmentally friendly and renewable "flytrap" is to attract insects through the "honey" secreted by itself. Correct mosquitoes through its own digestive juice. Friendly reminder: You must put this kind of plant in a place where the hairy kids can't touch ~ After all, the flowers of the flowers and spicy hands are destroyed ... these things have not been dry.

    2. Mosquito nets, mosquito nets have always been an essential item for many families of mosquito repellent. Sitting in the mosquito nets, watching mosquitoes that were isolated outside. Probably the so -called "I like you can't get used to me, but can't do me." Theoretically, the physical mosquito repellent products such as mosquito nets can be said to be absolutely safe for cat owners, but according to cats' like to climb and climb high personality, it is estimated that it won't take long, your mosquito net will retire gloriously.

    3. Electric mosquito shots/mosquito repellent lamps. Electric mosquitoes are more useful than repellent lamps. The shoveling officer can hold an electric mosquito to "open the killing" in the room before going to bed, but Be careful of cats to play with you. Remember to shut down when you don’t use it, avoid the cat's "owed" to yourself ~

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