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  1. 1. Dog loss
    This dogs without traction not only affect others, but also one of the main causes of dogs. When the male dog smells the odor of estrus during the estrus, he may not listen to the owner's instructions to chase the smell, and may mate with a stray bitch with a nest of small stray dogs. You may not find it again.
    So the pet owner must remember to wear a leading rope when you go out. 2. The natural reproduction of stray dogs
    has a lot of stray dogs. In addition, the dog's rapid reproduction speed will naturally produce more cubs, so there are more stray dogs. Essence
    So now many cities will catch stray dogs in order to prevent stray dogs from increasingly more and more stray dogs. 3. I did n’t want to raise a cub
    This owner raised dogs. After the dog Huaiyu, after giving birth to a cub, I do n’t want to raise a cub. Is a stray dog's approach and reason?
    It here to advise the Lord, if you do not want to raise puppies, it is recommended to have sterilized surgery for your own dogs. This can avoid fertility and reduce the number of dogs. Feeding of food. 4. If the dog is not good -looking, you throw
    The pet owners buy puppies, and they will compare with other dogs. If it is ugly, it will be discarded. Buy another one who looks beautiful.
    Actually, if you want the dogs to look good, the pet owner usually pays attention to care, and the dog food of the beautiful hair is good. As long as the hair is soft and beautiful, and then a slight shape, the dog will become very beautiful. 5. Urban banned dog breeding
    The categories of categories of cities, there are more and more types. Many pet owners are prohibited dog breeds raised before the prohibition. Many pet owners will throw them directly because they are afraid of being punished, regardless of whether they are afraid of being punished.
    This, it is recommended that the pet owner can foster dogs to the countryside where the countryside can be raised. It is not only necessary to give it a home, prepare for it to give it a home, but also to provide nutrient food for the dogs. It is recommended to feed dog food for dogs. After all, dog food is more nutritious after all. More comprehensive, it is recommended to choose fresh meat food, such as "non -greasy natural dog food", rich in protein, and adding deep -sea fish oil and other ingredients, which can help beautiful hair color and lighten up! It should be better to feed some fruits and vegetables.

  2. 1. Why do pet dogs become stray dogs? In fact, the pet owner doesn't like it anymore. These pet owners don't really like dogs. They just raise the trend. Once the enthusiasm of the dog's enthusiasm disappears, or the disadvantages of the dog may be bored, they may no longer want to raise dogs. They don't want to raise dogs anymore. Then, the dog was abandoned directly.

    2, some dogs are particularly excited when they go out, and the pet owner does not have a traction rope. Become a stray dog.

    3, some pet owners are not in the dog when they are small, they will cultivate it to it. The dog may always have disorderly urine, and it will bark and wait for bad habits. When the owner feels tired, he may not want to raise it anymore, so he will also abandon the dog, so the home -raising pet dog will become a stray dog.

    4, pet dogs become stray dogs, maybe because of her estrus. At this time, their hearts are very restless. Will run away with each other. After the estrus, the dog may become a stray dog ​​because he can't find the way home.

  3. Stray dog ​​source:

    , most of the stray dogs are rural dogs, string. Because it is not a precious dog breed, it is not valuable to be despised, so if you don't want to raise it, you will be abandoned at will.

    . Born is a stray dog. The wandering bitch was forced to produce puppies. Those puppies are also stray dogs.

    three, rural demolition. Many households will not have such deep feelings about the soil dogs at home, and they are afraid of staining a new house, so they will not take the dog away.

    four, breed dogs can't avoid the fate of being abandoned. Many dog ​​owners actively or passively abandon because of their parents' opposition, getting married and having children.

    . Many dog ​​owners do not understand the behavior of the dog, nor will they guide education correctly, causing the dog to scream, urinate anywhere, burst, call back, or flutter, or Bite people and other problems, uncomfortable, abandoned.

    So before we want to raise a dog, we must consider comprehensiveness and not impulse dogs. Every life is worthy of gently!

  4. There are many answers to why dogs are wandering. Dogs are generally living animals, and they have been tamed as human pets. Most of the stray dogs we say are caused by being lost and abandoned. It is easy to breed the next -generation stray dogs, so in general, these reasons cause the phenomenon of stray dogs.

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