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  1. Most pet dogs will motion sick for the first time, and many parents have a headache for this. How should we change this situation? Today I will teach everyone the solution of dog motion sickness.

    What to do if the dog's motion sickness
    Is when the dog takes the car for the first time, the symptoms of motion sickness will be particularly obvious. For example It has begun to be uncomfortable, and the owner must prepare a paper towel in advance and plastic bags used to pick up dog vomit. When a dog has symptoms of motion sickness, it is best to open the window to make the dog breathe fresh air, which will help relieve the dog's motion sickness symptoms.

    This dogs with motion sickness do not eat water within one or two hours before traveling. It is best to feed some people with motion sickness drugs to prevent motion sickness and vomiting.

    The first time when driving, it should not be too fast when the speed is for the first time. And, every time, open the window to let the dog face outside the car.

    The dogs are like people. The motion sickness is because they are not used to it. As long as they exercise more, just take a few more cars.

    The unfamiliar environment, closed noisy environment, car vibration and odor, and age are all causes of dog motion sickness.
    The solution of dog motion sickness
    Methods 1: One hour before getting on the car, do not let the dog eat, drink water

    To reduce gastrointestinal peristalsis can reduce the symptoms of dog motion sickness. Do not let the dog eat in front of the car another consideration is that even if the dog motion sickness causes vomiting, it will not make you too embarrassed. At least there are less things that spit out, which is better to clean up.

    Methods 2: Keep the cool air in the car

    This Dogs are naturally afraid of heat, and if you are stuffy, you will be particularly prone to motion sickness. So whether in winter or summer, if you take a dog out of the car, let the car cool in the car. If the weather is good in spring and autumn (such as now), you can open a small seam for the dog to let it make it neither neither. As for leaving the head to breathe fresh air, the dog is not so prone to motion sickness.

    Method 3: Motion sickness medicine

    The special motion sickness drugs for dogs can reduce the symptoms of motion sickness. Human motion sickness (also known as motion sickness, the main ingredient is tea benzeneming).

    The gymnastics are as follows: The amount of dogs for dogs is 25 ~ 50 mg, 1 ~ 3 times a day. There are milligrams of milligrams on the medicine bottle. It can be used as a reference. Eat more large dogs and eat less small dogs.

    Method 4: Waiting for dogs to grow

    This method is pure entertainment, because the dogs will naturally grow with their age and the experience of ride, and the symptoms of motion sickness will naturally naturally will naturally be naturally. Reduce.
    The prevention method of dog motion sickness
    The dogs to relax with the dog

    before the dog takes the car, you can take the dog to the surroundings to turn around, with the dog Playing, the first can be the dog's emotions, so that the dog is soothing, and the second can consume the energy of the dog, so that the dog looks more well -behaved and quiet when taking a car.

    The things that are familiar with some dogs

    If the space in the car is relatively large, you can bring some dogs that are more familiar with it, and then put it in the car, not only you can, not only you can, but you can not just be able to, not only you can, but you can not just be able to, but you can not only do it, you can not only do it, but you can not only do it, but you can not only do it, but you can not only do it, but you can not only do it, but you can not only do it, but you can not only do it, but you can not only do it, but you can not only do it, but you can not only do it. Let the dog feel at ease, and can also ensure the safety of the dog, so that the owner is not easy to distract when driving.

    The food forbidden to burn dogs

    In the dog to ride with a dog, then try to feed the dog some food as much as possible, so as to avoid the dog's stomach discomfort, and also It can reduce the chance of dog vomiting. Similarly, the dog's drinking water also needs to be reduced, preventing the dog from being nervous or drowning on the car due to motion sickness.

    keeping the speed of the car

    During the driving process, try to keep the stability of driving. To avoid emergency brakes, many owners now prefer to follow, which also leads to often stepping on the brakes during driving. This needs to be avoided during driving.

    The motion sickness medicine for dogs in advance

  2. You can do this in motion sickness:
    1, do not take the dog out, cover the ground floor with a blanket to make the dog feel warm, feed the dog at least twice in the car every day;
    2, just just Start in the car with the dog, and let the dog eat independently after a few days; when the dog comes out, do not be too excited. If everything is normal, the next stage of training will be performed;
    3. After the dog eats each time the dog eats , Drive for five minutes and train twice a day. If the dog does not have a discomfort, you can conduct the next training;
    4, choose a park or square with a ten -minute drive, drive the dog to turn around every day, and then return to the back to return to return. Family. Give the dog some food rewards when driving. Do not give food at other times. Gradually extend the driving time.

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