Where can I buy a purebred Labrador dog in Harbin ??

Need to be pure seeds ... and I want a MM ... I want to buy in the dog house ..... everyone helps ..

4 thoughts on “Where can I buy a purebred Labrador dog in Harbin ??”

  1. The Jiangbian of the 5th Street of Daowai is a dog market. There are a lot of dogs. You can go to see your reference. There is a regular place to sell dogs next to the door of 76 Middle School. You can also go to see it.
    Name Du Ski Resort dog industry sells purebrada
    Harbin Mingdu ski resort dog industry sells purebrador puppies for two and a half months. n and two mothers and one public guarantee absolute high quality
    The dog venue site Harping Road No. 215 Harbin Metropolis Ski Resort 338 81 Ganxun School get off n

  2. I have a family -raising dog Labrado for ten months. Do n’t buy it in the dog market. Basically, all injections are sick dogs.

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