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  1. First, the dog has a worm to take medicine. It depends on the specific situation

    . In general, dogs have insects that can take intestinal insects, Bayer, and steamba. However, there are many types of dogs, such as tapeworms, tapeworms, hookworms, tapeworms, etc., and there are many types of insect repellent. Blindly feeding dogs can cause adverse symptoms such as vomiting and dilute. Therefore Considering what medicine to take for a dog, it is best to take it for a medical inspection, and choose deworming medicine based on the specific types of insects.

    . The precautions for dogs with worms

    1. Control dosage

    Drug poisoning may be used. Therefore, the owner must read the manual before feeding the medicine, and then calculate the dog's dosage strictly according to weight. Generally speaking, dogs can be eaten at a percentage of 1/4 per kilogram of weight. A few days after taking the medicine, the dog will discharge dead parasites and eggs. It usually takes only one day, and then feeds the dog for medicine again in 10 days, so that it can deworming more thoroughly.

    2, fasting fed

    The use of insect repellent is relatively simple, just feed it in the dog's mouth, or put it in a dog's basin It eats it by itself. At the same time, the owner is also best to feed it to eat it in the morning when the dog is on an empty stomach, and do not feed it to eat in the next 2 to 3 hours, just feed it more to drink water. During the deworming period, it is best not to eat raw meat and vegetables, which should not be changed within one week after deworming.

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