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  1. The more famous pet dogs are: Chinese pastoral dogs, Tibetan hounds, Tibetan mastiffs, Husky, chosal, golden retriever, German Shepherd, Sherry, Damicho dog, Pomek dog, Chihuahua, Scottish Shepherd, Samoyed, ...
    My modern people like to raise pet dogs. When choosing a type, they are more inclined to sled three silly, Shiba Inu, shepherd dogs, golden retriever dogs and other foreign dog breeds. In fact, there is also a very docile breed in China, which is a Chinese pastoral dog.
    How to raise a puppy
    First of all, let the dog develop good eating habits, feeding dogs should be regular, quantitative, and fixed. Timing can develop the timing conditions of dogs, secrete gastric juice, increase appetite, and promote digestion and absorption.
    Feed to be feeded twice a day for adult dogs, feed once in the morning and evening, and can be fed a little at night. Dogs under the age of 1 are feed 3 times a day; dogs within March, 4 times a day; dogs within February age, feed 5 times a day.

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