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How to go to Longshan underground mall, Zhongshan underground mall, and Jimo Road small commodity wholesale market? How many buss do you take? What are the techniques for buying clothes and so on. What are you paying attention to?

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  1. Longshan underground shopping malls can arrive under the signal mountain, and many cars can arrive; Zhongshan underground mall is on Zhongshan Road, the accessories of the railway station, 2, 5, 307, 8 are also many cars; that is, the small commodity wholesale market Zhongshan Road is very close, just do it. There are relatively few people to Longshan, but there can be good things there, and many foreigners also go there. Because there are few people who go, the merchants slaughter one. You ask how much the price is, and then half from the middle. Zhongshan is also similar, and the cost of rent is high. Jimo Road is low -end consumption, small jewelry and the like, some clothes of Jimo, imitation genuine shoes, bags, knitwear, etc., but there are only a few things.

  2. You can take the 1st road to Zhongshan Mall and then take 1 Road to Longshan and finally pour 214 to 901 (that is, the small commodity wholesale market)

    Longshan has relatively neutral clothes, and some cards sell for several cards If you buy men's things or neutral or cute things if you buy men's things or things, but it is not easy to bargain ~~!

    It if you buy a woman's things, go to the thing Let's take a look at Zhongshan Mall ~~ !! If you buy cute cards to Zhongshan, if you buy a rhinestone, go to 901 ~~!

    . 901 is the cheapest, but it is relatively mixed ~~ ! But good bargain

    The price of medium price in Zhongshan, seeing you watching
    Longshan is the most expensive, and it is not good for bargaining ~~!

    There is a Angila East West listening to Zhongshan. You can go and see

  3. Longshan ~ Take 1 Road ~ 367 ~ 221 ~ 225 ~ Guanxiangshan Road ~ It is expensive ~ It is not good to bargain ~ But there are some very fashionable and beautiful things ~
    Itshi Mo Road sitting 214 ~ Okay ~ The price of things is also very expensive ~ according to the 40%chop he wants ~ If you do n’t give it, you will leave ~
    Irdies will definitely call you back ~ Many shops are the same ~ You can go shopping ~ goods compare ~ Sanjia ~
    don't buy it if you are optimistic ~ I also buy a lot of small things in the shop where I buy clothes ~ Careful Amoy ~ I can find it very good ~
    Hehe ~ My sister used to buy jeans before ~~ They are really high in raising the price ~ so they cut the old trip hard ~
    sometimes it feels very cheap ~ In fact, they still make a lot of money ~~~~~

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