How do dogs bring back to my hometown?

Hello, I know that I have seen you answering such questions. I want to ask me that there is a mini VIP, 7 kg and a half pounds. I want to bring it back to my hometown. Where can I go to the middle of Sichuan? Woolen cloth? Thank you, please tell me, thank you.

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  1. Hello, step 1: To get an immune certificate for the dog, it is best to buy a cage or air box to install the dog. The air box is the best, but the immune certificate is to be done to formulate the quarantine station. There is a city in the west of the city. Quarantine station is in the west of the fish, flowers and bird markets, there is a quarantine station in the Xixing Town ... If the certificate is not avoided, (the cost is the highest 90 yuan per one)
    : Step 2: Give the dog's quarantine certificate. The problem is best to apply for an immunization certificate for more than one week in advance. Three days before walking, the quarantine certificate is valid for 3 days. You must check the quarantine certificate within three days. Express handling the consignment procedures, I went to China Railway Express on the first floor of the city station. There was a person sitting on the front desk. He gave me two lists, then filled in, weighted, paid, and then put it on a one to a one. Local, some people will drag the dog away. I went for three hours in advance, and then about two hours before driving, someone took the dog to the underground layer. I waited for more than an hour on the platform. At that time, the wind was big, and I put the dog's cage under the pillar. When the train came, they would put the dog in the luggage car. The dog's side (a lot of big dogs are called a lot, and the small male male dog is called cloth). It is more loved. Once you find that the owner is gone, you will call it. Too nervous. Here is a special explanation. The owner must always follow the dog's flow, it is best to have a good relationship with the porter. After all, it is physical work. They generally throw the goods directly. The whole process.

  2. Pet shops have consignment business, but it seems to be more expensive. Generally, pet consignment is empty or auto transport. If far away, you must go to the airport to ask about how much the cost is. Opened, this mainly depends on what the airport says, and you need to go to the airport to pick it up.

  3. 1 Epidemic prevention certificate can go to a regular pet shop or hospital

    2 See what transportation you do. The aircraft is more troublesome. It seems that not only does the immune certificate require. You can secretly put it in the bag to make a car. Teddy does not like to call. Even if you find it, you will not get out of the car ~ I have experience ...

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