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  1. You can send it to the past and send pets with a special delivery. It is best to use SF Express because SF's faster, which can reduce time, and can also give dogs less guilty on the way.

  2. Your family loves the dog to take it back to his hometown. If you take a bus and train, you will not get in the car. If you scold the car yourself, it is okay, but it is best to prepare a pet cage.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you. Method 1. Train consignment advantages: The train consignment is more unpopular, and few people will do this now. The dogs in the carriage will not stay alone, nor will they feel bored. If the flight attendant is good, it may also allow you to release your pets for a while. Of course, you must not run away. It is more suitable for long distances, which is an important point that spans half of the country or one country. Disadvantages: There are restrictions on pets. The train consignment is limited to ordinary trains, and high -speed rail and motorcycles cannot carry pets. This is the standard a few years ago, and it is not clear whether the train can be checked up. It is recommended that if you have a way, try not to choose the train consignment. Method 2. Passenger consignment advantages: convenient. Basically, the airports of all cities are in the suburbs, and the airport has a relatively long distance at home. If you choose a passenger transport, you can save this distance. Pets and owners are on a car and arrive at the same time. The owner does not have to worry too much about dogs. Furthermore, it is said that the cost of passenger transport is not high. Disadvantages: Passenger pets are placed in the position of the bus luggage in the bus. It is not ventilated and breathable. When the temperature is high, the dog is very prone to heat stroke and cause discomfort. The suggestion of the editor here is that no matter what kind of consignment method you choose, it is not recommended to consign pets in the hot season. No matter what the way, it may cause pets of pets and discomfort. Another disadvantage of passenger transportation is the distance restriction. Passenger consignment pets are only suitable for short distances. Even if the distance of more than two provinces is fine, it is too guilty to pets. Method III: The advantages of air transportation: The speed of air transport is the fastest. As long as the aircraft does not delay, it can reach the destination quickly. Another, the aircraft consignment is not restricted by distance, even if you bring it to other countries, it is possible. Disadvantages: High cost, no doubt, maybe the cost of a pet air can be offset the value of the pet. The above editor also mentioned that the location of the airport is remote, and the distance from home to the airport may be slightly farther. Then it is to uninstall this. We can probably know how the uninstallation of the uninstalled person who watched the online video. It may be good to encounter a very gentle little brother to help uninstall. Air transportation is also restricted by regional, and some airports cannot consign their pets.

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