5 thoughts on “Can dogs eat food? What will happen if you eat it?”

  1. Can dogs eat food? What will happen if you eat it?

    In life, many families like to raise a pet dog, because in this era, most people use pet dogs to see home nursing homes, just for their own boring to be boring. When you can accompany yourself or have children at home, you can also let children play with pet dogs, because parents are very busy, have no time to accompany the child, and have no time to accompany the pet dog. A good choice, and because most of the pet dogs are very mild, they will not actively attack humans. However, although pet dogs are good in personality and loyalty, they should also pay attention to their diet as the owner.
    So what should dogs pay attention to diet? Some people don't know if pet dogs can eat food. In fact, most foods are concerned about pet dogs. Just like the fruits and fruits we eat in daily life, and some meat, and even some snack pet dogs we eat can be eaten. But everyone also needs to pay attention that the milk pet dog we drink in daily life cannot be eaten. Do n’t look at it with milk for pet dogs, it will drink very well, but they cannot digest milk. It is easy to cause diarrhea. There are also foods such as grapes, and pet dogs cannot digest.
    In addition, there are also chocolate pet dogs that many people like to eat, because chocolate contains caffeine substances. If you eat it In daily life, some bones are often squeezed to pet dogs after eating. In fact, some bones are very sharp. After he bite, he swallowed it. , Pet dogs also cause stimuli to the stomach after eating. In short, everyone must pay attention to the diet of pet dogs in life. Although most pet dogs do not pick up food, they must also pay attention to the above foods. It is best not to eat pet dogs.

  2. Of course not. If you eat too much, it will cause indigestion, which will also cause inflammation imbalance, endocrine, endocrine disorders, and bad breath.

  3. Dogs are definitely foods that can be eaten. Most of the foods can be eaten. What will not happen after eating, at most it is indigestion.

  4. I eat leftovers and leftovers every day, lively and healthy, dog food has no rice with nutrition! Those who have raised dogs know! Except for those who sell dog food and sell pet dogs

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