1 thought on “Where can I buy purebred Samoya?”

  1. Pure breeds, good looks ... such expressions are still vague, it is difficult to give you precise suggestions.
    I is also from Jiangsu. Generally speaking, buying Samoyed has the following ways to make your reference.
    . The special dog market (the most important in Jiangsu is the dog market in Zou District, Changzhou) or a comprehensive flower and bird market (but if you want to buy a healthy dog I can rarely see purebred Samoya, let alone good products).
    . Each pet shop (if you can't pick it, it is best to buy friends with understanding).
    3. Each professional dog house (such as a professional Samoyed dog house) or a non -single -breed dog field (generally to bring a familiar friend to bring it).
    . Finding breeding households online (as long as you search, there are many local sections of pet forums that are easier to find information on the same city transaction).
    5. Samoyed dogs directly abroad (such as Australia and other places) are released.
    If you plan to buy more than 20,000 purebred Samoyed, ordering from abroad is a better choice. Even if the cost of quarantine transportation is added, it is actually better than buying some high -end dog houses in China. Essence If you do n’t plan to buy that grade dog, in various domestic channels, relatively speaking, professional dogs and dog fields are better, followed by pet shops, and they are unfamiliar families. The worst is the dog market and Flower and bird market. However, there is no absolute one. Mainly you have to understand dogs. People who know can also buy good dogs in the flower and bird market. If you do n’t understand, you can buy bad dogs in the dog field.

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