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  1. At present, the pet market is chaotic. Buying dogs on the roadside stalls is easy to buy weekly dogs, and the owner cannot find merchants compensation.
    It picture sources yearn for excellent pets
    . If you want to buy a guarantee that you want to buy it, it is more reliable to buy a professional dog. The dogs of the professional dog have a bloodline certificate and chip. It ensures that it is more assured of 3 months without severe diseases, avoid buying a weekly dog, and it is convenient to hold a problem in case of problems.
    It picture sources yearn for excellent pets
    The response carefully, I hope to help you.

  2. Pet shops or dog houses, preferably nourishment. If puppies are like children, they need a small number of meals. Generally, it should be fed for three to four meals a day. Too much, dogs should pay attention to regular and quantitative feeding in order to develop the habit of timely fixed -point defecation. The amount of feeding should be flat after eating. Hungry will only be dysplasia of dogs, poor immunity, and prone to illness. In addition, it is matched with some nutritious things, such as cooked and not salt beef, carrots, can feed gastrointestinal treasures every day, regulate gastrointestinal function, and increase appetite. In addition, if you have the conditions, you can feed some trace elements, beauty powder, calcium tablets, etc., depending on economic ability. Do not have too much water when soaking dog food, it is too sparse. Remember to feed regularly and quantitatively, so don't always feed snacks, and you must ensure that there is enough white water every day, put it in a bowl for it to drink at any time

  3. See if Labrador is a purebred, there are the following five steps.
    The first step, budget.
    5000 yuan The price is the basic budget of a purebred healthy Labrador dog.
    Step 2, purchase channels.
    The correct purchase channel should be a professional Labrador dog registered by CKU.
    In here, please do not confuse professional dogs and dog fields. The biggest difference between professional breeders and dog dealers is to focus on the scientific and professionalism of reproduction. It is not simply based on profit, and pays more attention to the optimization of Labrador's quality.
    The third step, blood certificate and chip.
    The bloodline certificate and chip are absolute guarantees for the pure species of Labrador. In particular, when the China Institute of Dogs is currently applying for a purebred dog, it has added a section of the blood drawing to retain DNA, and it also increases the accuracy of purebred dog bloodlines.
    The fourth step, puppies parents.
    It may not be able to judge the puppies' appearance, nor can it be expected whether the puppy grows up. But hereditary is amazing, and the advantages and disadvantages of the total of the puppies will be reflected in the puppies. So the parents of puppies are very critical.
    In general, the disadvantages of breeding dogs will definitely be inherited, and the advantages may not be inherited. In this case, it is very important to choose a descendant of a dog that can be fully inherited to offspring.
    The fifth step, the puppies themselves.
    1. Look at the overall structure. The backline of the purebred Labrador dog should be horizontal, and the overall structure should be close to 1: 1. So long legs are not acceptable for the Labrador.
    2. Look at the header. The front page of the purebred Labrador dog should be full and three -dimensional. You can imagine the first half of the Hummer.
    3. Look at the ears. Labrado's ear shape should be moderate in size, and it is close to the sides of the head and drooping naturally. The spread is not correct.
    4. Look at the tail. Labrado's tail should be otter tail, which is characterized by short and straight, and the tail of the rolling rolling is absolutely not allowed.
    5. Look at the hair color. There are only three colors of purebred Labrador, namely black, yellow and brown. Among them, yellow is divided into light yellow, that is, milk white, yellow and dark yellow fox red.
    6. Look at personality. There are so many people who like Labrador, the most critical factor is Labrado's character. The loved ones are the biggest characteristics of Labrador, but this personality can be divided into excessive excitement and well -behaved. Labrador's personality is really important. Do you choose an exciting or a well -behaved dog that determines whether you will spend a pleasant dog with your dog.

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